COVID Safety Protocols

ADISA 2021 Spring Conference Safety Protocols

We are looking forward to seeing our friends and colleagues in what, for many, will be the first large gathering in a very long time. As a national organization representing members and guests from all over the country, we want to create a safe and respectful environment for everyone to feel comfortable networking and expanding our knowledge and collaboration within our industry.

In an effort to create a COVID-safe environment, ADISA requests that all attendees follow the National CDC and JW Marriot safety guidelines. We have outlined requirements and recommendations; you can find them here.

Registration Notice

Registration is Sold Out

The positive response to ADISA’s Spring Conference has been amazing; we have reached nearly 500 attendees registered in record time. To keep safe social distancing during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we announce a SOLD OUT situation at this point. We have closed online registration and there will be no onsite registration or admittance of unregistered attendees to the conference space. Should you have any questions, please reach out to us at, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Please note that the conference hotel is also sold out, and there are no remaining guest rooms at the JW Marriott Camelback.

We appreciate our members’ interest in our program, as we remain committed to a safe meeting environment. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Why Go

Where Businesses Grow And Deals Are Made.

Designed for all industry professionals who sponsor, analyze, market, distribute or sell alternative investments.

Several educational sessions will be available, many of which qualify for Continuing Education credit.

Attendees will also have the opportunity to meet face-to-face with leading industry professionals and visit with event exhibitors who will showcase their offerings or services.

Hotel & Travel

Hotel & Travel

All ADISA 2021 Spring Conference events will take place at:

JW Marriott Scottsdale Camelback Inn Resort & Spa
5402 East Lincoln Drive
Scottsdale, Arizona 85253

The JW Marriott Scottsdale Camelback Inn Resort & Spa is completely sold out.


Draft agenda, as of 4/26/2021
  • Monday, May 10
    12:00 PM - 1:45 PM
    Women's Initiative Luncheon

    Featuring Special Guest Cass McCrory


    Cass McCrory is a sought after marketing strategist, speaker, and trainer advising large enterprises and start-ups as they take their message and products to their target audience. Cass is passionate about doing work and life with great intention and that intentionality leads to success for projects and most importantly for people.

    Clients include Accenture, Microsoft, Accumen, Avanade, and solo entrepreneurs making their mark on the world. She has been featured in Oprah Magazine, a guest on The Lively Show and Creative Superhero and is host of her own podcast Real Women in Business. Based in Rochester, NY Cass has 4 ridiculously cute kids and 2 dogs with her husband George and a love of photography and the moon.

    Follow along in business:

    Follow along personally:

    Real Women in Business Podcast:

    Daily Dose of Intention:

    2:00 PM - 3:00 PM
    (1) Reg A: The Emergence Finally

    With the recent increase to $75mm, Reg A is finally finding a place in the real estate alternatives space. Hear why bond products are working and what the current structures are. How do they help investors and sponsors fulfill their current needs. Why are equity programs still an issue and will they come?

    Moderator: Rhys James, Kaplan Voekler Cunningham & Frank
    Participants: Ray Davis, Red Oak Capital Management; Matt Leiter, Trilogy Real Estate Group; Myra Nicholson, International Assets Advisors

    (2) BDCs: Structure not Strategy

    Not all BDCs are the same! There are numerous structures and types of assets found in today's BDCs. This panel will discuss all of the different ways that your client can invest in the credit markets available in today's world.

    Moderator: Larry Goff, S2K Financial
    Participants: Joseph Roth, Prospect Capital Management; Glenn Duffy, Steele Creek Capital; Daniel Wolfe, Snyder Kearney; Sherri Cooke, iCapital Network

    (3) Fundamentals and Best Practices of Alts

    This session will identify detailed aspects of alternative investments. We will examine typical varieties of offering structures and corresponding related potential benefits and risks associate with investments in alts. Examples of topics covered will be the investment process of sales, suitability and required disclosures. Panelists will identify how certain rules and regulations apply to the various types of offerings and why due diligence is an absolute critical part of the process to identify potential risks. Alternative investments cover a wide variety of industry sectors including, but not limited to, real estate, energy, equipment and commercial debt. Because they have a low correlation to traditional asset classes, they provide an excellent diversification to a portfolio heavy in stocks when positioned correctly. Generally speaking, alts are traditionally illiquid and difficult to value; thus, considered a riskier proposition, but they absolutely have their place in an investment portfolio. This session will also address the legal, tax and regulatory issues surrounding alt offerings with some of the best minds in the industry!

    Facilitator: Greg Mausz, Preferred Capital Securities
    Presenters: Mike Bendix, DFPG Investments; Angela Barbera, NexPoint Securities; Colin Cosgrove, Inland Securities Corporation

    3:10 PM - 4:15 PM
    (4) Alternative Products for the RIA Channel

    Alternative investments have been popular in the broker-dealer community for many years, but are now gaining traction with advisors in the RIA channel as well. This panel will discuss which investment types are most appropriate for fee-based advisors, as well as addressing the challenges created by Reg BI. Join this panel of experts from four different product types as they debate these important issues for an expanding distribution channel.

    Moderator: David Johan, Doceo Wealth
    Participants: Greg Mausz, Preferred Capital Securities; Merriah Harkins, GWG; Zach Forman, Griffin Capital Company

    (5) Understanding and De-Risking Misconduct in Private Placements

    In this session, we will examine prior cases involving fraud that occurred in certain alternative investments products and the common facts/themes within these cases. This session will also discuss due diligence best practices that can be used by ADISA's members to identify companies and/or product structures that present higher levels of misconduct risk. This session is a "must see" for due diligence personnel and those that sit on investment committees that approve platform products.

    Facilitator: Brad Updike, Mick | Law
    Presenters: Dana Woodbury, Buttonwood Financial Services; Daniel Wolfe, Snyder Kearney

    (6) Account On-Boarding: Digital Solutions Faster, Cleaner and No Paper

    This session will be educating and updating the attendees on the progress of a true digital account on-boarding experience. More than five years ago, the discussion began of how a true digital experience would advance the alternative investment space. The benefits around reduction of NIGOs, the speed of transaction, creating the latest dynamically generated document and the raw data used by other systems. That discussion went from an idea, to a prototype, and now live platforms currently supporting business today. The challenges associated with moving paper documents during 2020 reinforced the need for this technology to conduct business.

    Moderator: Mike Huisman, UMB Bank
    Participants: Ned Montenecourt, Phoenix American Financial Services; Joseph Ujobai, Alternative Investment Exchange; Tom Fortin, iCapital Network; Mat Dellorso, WealthForge

    4:20 PM - 5:00 PM
    Conference Kick-Off
    5:00 PM - 6:00 PM
    General Session I: Industry & Sector Updates
    Presenters: Kevin Gannon, Robert A. Stanger & Co.; Taylor Garrett, Mountain Dell Consulting; Mike Kell, iCapital Network; Michael Andrews, SS&C Technologies
    6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
    Opening Cocktail Reception & Exhibition
  • Tuesday, May 11
    8:00 AM - 9:00 AM
    Breakfast & Exhibition
    9:00 AM - 9:50 AM
    General Session II: Legislative & Regulatory Updates

    Protecting Retail Investors: Common Goals Between Regulators and Alts Industry

    Facilitator: Thomas Rosenfield, HillStaffer
    Speaker: Joseph Borg, Alabama Securities Commission; Former Chair and President, NASAA

    10:00 AM - 10:50 AM
    (7) How FINRA's Marketing Rules Apply to Alts

    In this session, we will talk about the content rules that apply to the marketing and advertising of alternative investment products. The session will examine FINRA Conduct Rule 2210 and the provisions that "most affect" the sales of alternative investments. We will also closely examine the common mistakes that have been made in relation to the marketing of alternative investments, as well as practices that ADISA's broker-dealer members can use to achieve full compliance with these rules. This session is targeted for advisors and reps that sell alternative investments and compliance personnel that review and approval of retail communications.

    Moderator: Jason Kjellson, Versity Investments
    Participants: Howard Hirsch, Griffin Capital Company; Carrie Wisniewski, B/D Compliance Associates; 

    (8) 1031 Nuts & Bolts

    A live tax return walk through of a 1031 exchange from start to finish! We will show the various forms, what actually gets reported, what doesn't get reported, how to calculate new basis, and explore the implications of a full cycle program. The session will end looking at "rolling" from one DST into a new DST, particularly when it involves multiple properties. The session is not meant to make you a tax preparer but designed to give you basic knowledge of the process and tax reporting of a 1031 exchange.

    Speaker: Mark Kosanke, Concorde Financial Services
    Presenter: Bill Winn, Starboard Realty Advisors

    (9) Development Offerings -- Growth Generators

    Learn about how development offerings can provide a unique opportunity for investors by positioning a piece of their portfolio in a growth investment. We'll examine opportunities in real estate with respect to developing in a few different asset classes, product structure and how they can benefit investors from a growth, income and tax perspective.

    Moderator: Cecil Phillips, Place Properties
    Participant: Bill Shopoff, Shopoff Realty Investments; William Leitner, Leitbox Storage

    11:00 AM - 11:50 AM
    (10) Reg BI: A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing or No Big Deal?

    It's been almost a year since highly anticipated Regulation Best Interest became effective. Come hear how industry participants have fared in the first year of implementation. Get some tricks of the trade for you and your associated persons and answers to your most pressing questions.

    Moderator: Tom Voekler, Kaplan Voekler Cunningham & Frank
    Participants: Kyle Kadish, Advantage Wealth Solutions; Nick Duren, Crescent Securities; Walt Parker, Titan Securities

    (11) Preferred Stock Offerings: Understanding the Evolution of this Dynamic Alternative Solution and How it Creates Value for Investors
    • In-depth analysis of the preferred stock structure and how it benefits investors
    • Due diligence best practices for selling firms and financial representatives
    • Diversification benefits in an investor's portfolio
    • Why would investors want to own preferred stock?
    • What are the potential pitfalls of preferred stock?
    • How does the underlying real estate affect preferred stock?

    Moderator: Jacob Heidkamp, FactRight
    Participants: Eric Graber, Preferred Capital Securities; John Sabey, Gladstone Companies; Dustin Zachmeyer, Bluerock

    (12) Pandemic Workaround to Mainstream

    For the past year, the entire business world has been functioning very differently than at any other time in history. The challenges with employees working from home, buildings locked down and the overall disruption in business, many companies had to quickly adapt to the challenges they faced to continue to conduct business. During that time, several new practices were put in place that replaced how business was run and procedures were handled. The group will share some of the challenges, solutions and what this experience will do for the future working model.

    Moderator: Angie Fisher, CIM Group
    Participant: Mike Huisman, UMB Bank; Dan Breen, Great Lakes Fund Solutions; Ned Montenecourt, Phoenix American Financial Services

    12:00 PM - 1:45 PM
    Lunch & Exhibition
    1:45 PM - 2:35 PM
    General Session III: Keynote Speaker Mara Liasson

    National Political Correspondent, NPR
    Contributor & Panelist, Fox News Channel

    "The Changing Face of American Politics"

    Read more here

    2:45 PM - 3:35 PM
    (13) Examining the Current Private Equity/Debt Landscape

    This session will discuss current macro- and micro-level issues, trends, risks and opportunities in private equity/debt. A particular focus will be on how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected sourcing and underwriting opportunities, changes to investment structure, and how due diligence has adapted to the new investment landscape.

    Presenters: Grant Mathey, Mick | Law; Tony Alexander, Great Oak Funding

    (14) How '40 Act Alternatives are Paving the Way for Retail Investors

    The new wave of '40 Act Alternative Investments have promised greater transparency, higher liquidity profiles, lower fees, lower minimums, wider investment mandates and greater share-class flexibility among other benefits. This panel of '40 Act sponsors and broker-dealers discuss if the industry is delivering on these promises and examine areas for continued improvement. The panel will also debate what investment strategies and asset classes are ideal for a '40 Act structure when compared to purely open-ended and non-traded structures. Looking to the future, panelists will offer their opinion on how these funds are positioned to navigate a potential economic recession in the future.

    Moderator: Micah Jordan, NexPoint Securities
    Participants: Randy Anderson, PhD, Griffin Capital Company; Colin McGinnis, Prospect Capital; Chris Shepherdson, Liberty Street Advisors

    (15) Alternative Products and Regulatory Management

    This session discusses challenges and concerns that an RIA must consider when working with alternative products and how the appropriate disclosures and fees may be required and possibly different from a broker-dealer or an augmentation if one is a hybrid RIA. Additional discussion will be around various fees structures for alternative products and how an RIA could handle them.

    Participants: Rajeev Kotyan, Innovative Advisory Group; David Johan, Doceo Wealth

    3:35 PM - 4:00 PM
    Break & Exhibition
    4:00 PM - 4:50 PM
    (16) Executing Compliant Marketing Strategies: Effective Practices for Broker-Dealers and Sponsors

    A discussion on marketing alternative investments to retail clients and how to communicate effectively while keeping in step with FINRA's ever-changing guidance. We'll examine some best practices, as well as lessons learned, and dig into why it is important for all parties to be invested in compliant advertising material.

    Presenters: Nate Romero, Clir Capital; Lynn Lawson, Advertising Regulatory Consulting; Myra Nicholson, International Assets Advisory; Lori DeLuna, Concorde Investment Services; Rob Kaplan, Kaplan Voekler Cunningham & Frank

    (17) Understanding Prior Performance of Programs and Sponsors

    In this session, we will examine the importance of understanding how prior performance should fit into the evaluations of sponsors and products. This session will take a close look at certain sponsors within the alternative investment sector that have performed well and the common attributes among those sponsors. This session will also look at common facts and themes that have been observed among sponsors/products that have fallen short of performance expectations. This session is targeted to many groups of attendees, including those that sell alternative investments to retail investors and those that review and approve products for sale to such investors.

    Moderator: Mike Kell, iCapital Network
    Participants: Daniel Oschin, Shopoff Realty Investments; Tom Hille, JRL Capital Corporation; David Sengstock, Mick | Law

    (18) What's Hot: Cannabis, Crypto, ESG, etc.

    The panel will go in-depth as to the opportunities and headwinds facing cannibis, crypto and ESG funds and investing. What are the current trends and opportunities? Where are the pitfalls and reuglatory issues? The panel will go in depth to cover all aspects of importance to sponsors and distributors.

    Moderator: Rick Chess, Crescent Securities
    Participants: Adam Dooley, Alliance160; James Richmond, e2comply; Christian Heyer, IGF Partners

    5:00 PM - 5:50 PM
    (19) Impact Investing and Alts: Starting the Conversation

    Are you ready to answer questions from your clients about what impacting investing is and is not? What's the difference between ESG and impact investing? Can you actually make money and do good? What are some impact themes that are being invested in today? Come hear the current trends and why impact investments are gaining such momentum with an active dialogue from two different perspectives: 1) sourcing and structuring successful funds, and 2) building an infrastructure to support efficient, responsible and sustainable growth. This trend is here to stay and we hope to introduce what will be an ongoing series of discussions on impact investing.

    Presenters: Jeff Shafer, CommonGood Capital; Nick Veronis, iCapital Network

    (20) Reg A/Reg D/Reg C Marketing

    As broker-dealers and RIAs expand their alternatives platforms with new products to meet their clients' various needs, the choices between the different offering structures, Reg A, Reg D 506(b) and 506(c) can seem complex. In this session, you will learn the benefits to the broker-dealer and RIA of each offering structures, and how the permissible marketing associated with each can expand your business as well as the supervisory and compliance hot buttons that need to be kept in mind. We will examine how to market to prospects efficiently and effectively within the regulatory guidelines. Can you attract a new prospect via Reg A+, then sell?

    Moderator: Nick Duren, Crescent Securities
    Participants: Ray Davis, Red Oak Capital Management; Rob Kaplan, Kaplan Voekler Cunningham & Frank; Karlton Kleis, Arete Wealth Management

    (21) Post-COVID Opportunity Zone Investing

    What can opportunity zone investors expect from post-COVID market conditions? And how have qualified opportunity funds evolved since program inception? Discussion of post-COVID market conditions and the overall investment environment for opportunity zone investors.

    Moderator: Jimmy Atkinson, OpportunityDB
    Participants: Matthew Iak, U.S. Energy Development Corporation; Erik Hayden, Urban Catalyst; Greg Genovese, USG Realty Capital

    6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
    Cocktail Reception & Exhibition

    Sponsored by Trilogy Real Estate Group

  • Wednesday, May 12
    7:30 AM - 9:00 AM
    Breakfast & Exhibition
    9:00 AM - 10:00 AM
    General Session IV: 1031 Exchanges CEO Panel
    Moderator: Catherine Bowman, The Bowman Law Firm
    Panelists: Warren Thomas, ExchangeRight Real Estate; Bill Dioguardi, Four Spring Capital Trust; Dallas Whitaker, Carter Funds
    10:10 AM - 11:00 AM
    (22) Energy: So We Made it to the Other Side, Now What?

    Overview on energy topics to be covered: What does the current landscape look like? Costs have/are bottoming out, so can we generate returns as they start to reflect increased activity? We feature discussion about a paradigm shift by the majors and other publicly traded independents, and what this means for competition? What are the best investment strategies going forward amid such factors as regulatory risk, etc.? Is there still good opportunity to be had?

    Moderator: Michelle Galeski, Mewbourne Energy
    Participants: Matthew Iak, U.S. Energy Development Corporation; Craig Merkt, Calton & Associates; Chris Spence, Mewbourne Oil Company

    (23) The Story of Alternative Investments: How Do We Market These Products in a Post-COVID Environment?

    We are over a year into the pandemic and subsequent event-driven recession, and a lot has changed. One thing that has not changed is that alternative investments are uniquely structured to potentially benefit and stabilize client portfolios during a major market disruption. This panel will have a dual focus. First, we will discuss best practices for managing communications with clients invested through the pandemic. During the primary focus of the panel, we will share ideas for positioning alternative investment programs in client portfolios going forward.

    Moderator: Dustin Zachmeyer, Bluerock
    Participants: Corey Maple, Legendary Capital; Rick Murphy, Berthel Fisher & Company; Scott Street, Griffin Capital Company

    (24) Product Evaluation and Best Practices in Marketing for RIAs

    Due diligence, marketing and distribution of investment products to RIAs have different characteristics than traditional IBD distribution. This session will explore the process RIAs typically follow in product evaluation and what best practices are for introducing and placing product solution with RIAs.

    Moderator: John Oldham, Concierge for Advisors
    Participants: Steve Blum, Strategic Wealth Planning; Rob Woomer, Peachtree Hotel Group; Fred Baerenz, AOG Wealth Management; Mike Mahoney, Bonaventure

    11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
    (25) RIA Roundtable: Challenges for RIAs in the Alts Space

    Discussion of the primary categories that impact RIAs looking to allocate to Alts – operations, technology, and due diligence/investment sourcing.

    Coordinator: Craig Covington, DAI Securities

    (26) Broker-Dealer Advisory Council

    ADISA’s grassroots broker-dealer group engages in important peer discussion. This session will feature Lynn Lawson, recently retired from FINRA, for Q&A, along with discussion with Ann Moore and other experts on topics important to the group.

    Coordinator: Ann Moore, International Assets Advisory

    (27) Sponsor Roundtable: Sponsor Perspective on Knowing the Audience

    Hot topics affecting sponsors discussed from the sponsor perspective.

    Coordinator: Linda Cobelo, Preferred Capital Securities

Keynote Speaker

Mara Liasson

National Political Correspondent, NPR
Contributor & Panelist, Fox News Channel

Mara Liasson is the national political correspondent for NPR. Her reports can be heard regularly on NPR's award-winning news programs All Things Considered and Morning Edition. Liasson provides extensive coverage of politics and policy from Washington, DC -- focusing on the White House and Congress -- and also reports on political trends beyond the Beltway.
Each election year, Liasson provides key coverage of the candidates and issues in both presidential and congressional races. During her tenure she has covered five presidential elections -- in 1992, 1996, 2000, 2008 and 2012. Prior to her current assignment, Liasson was NPR's White House correspondent for all eight years of the Clinton administration. She has won the White House Correspondents Association's Merriman Smith Award for daily news coverage in 1994, 1995, and again in 1997. From 1989-1992 Liasson was NPR's congressional correspondent. Additionally, Liasson has served as a major contributor and panelist on FOX News since 1998. She regularly appears on programs such as Special Report with Bret Baier, FOX News Sunday, and Media Buzz.
Liasson joined NPR in 1985 as a general assignment reporter and newscaster. From September 1988 to June 1989 she took a leave of absence from NPR to attend Columbia University in New York as a recipient of a Knight-Bagehot Fellowship in Economics and Business Journalism.
Prior to joining NPR, Liasson was a freelance radio and television reporter in San Francisco. She was also managing editor and anchor of California Edition, a California Public Radio nightly news program, and a print journalist for The Vineyard Gazette in Martha's Vineyard, Mass.
Liasson is a graduate of Brown University where she earned a bachelor's degree in American History.

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Education Tracks

  • Compliance/Supervision
    Brad Updike, Mick | Law
  • Operations & Technology
    Mike Huisman, UMB Bank
  • Marketing
    Ann Moore, International Assets Advisory
  • RIA/Investment Advisory Services
    Mike Bendix, DFPG Investments
  • Emerging Products
    Tom Voekler, Kaplan Voekler Cunningham & Frank
  • Private Programs
    Michelle Moore, EcoVest Capital
  • Public Programs
    Craig Merkt, Calton & Associates

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