Intro to the Retail Alts Space

Quick Look at the Retail Alts Space

ADISA has gathered the links to a few resources on this website for you here as an introduction to the retail alternative investment space.

Retail Alternative Investments – are alternative investments (i.e., NOT publicly traded stocks, bonds, cash) which are typically non-correlated to the public markets and are available to the individual investor. Most of these products are available to qualified investors (“accredited”) and are usually purchased through a Broker-dealer, RIA (Registered Investment Adviser), or other financial advisor.

As of 2022, the volume of investment products in this retail space is about $90 billion; this is only a fraction of alternative investments overall—the vast majority in the institutional alternative investment space (e.g., university endowments).  

For a look at the typical products in our space, download:
The Guide to Alternative Investments

For a look at the typical personnel in our space, download:
Defining the Roles in the Alternative Investments Industry

For a look at the basic flow through the IBD/RIA chain, download:
The RIA's Guide to Alternative Investments

For more on individual products/trends, see: 
ADISA's archived videos and webinars

For a glossary of industry terms, go to: 
Industry Terms