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ADISA believes that advocacy, ongoing education, and networking opportunities are of the utmost importance for people engaged in alternative investments. That’s why we focus on providing our members with these benefits throughout the year.

When you’re an ADISA member, you’ll have access to:

  • Educational Content

ADISA works with industry experts and leaders to create timely and informative content in the form of videos, webinars, white papers, blogs, podcasts, and news releases. We help our members anticipate trends and prepare for regulatory changes, and members can ask questions at the end of our real-time seminars. At ADISA events, presenters often include regulatory officers and others with expertise in the realm of alternative direct investing.

  • Networking Opportunities

ADISA provides a forum for members to build their network and connections with industry leaders through events, committees, and other association functions. Since 2016, our biannual conferences and summer Due Diligence forums have helped members connect with and learn from each other. Even when traditional conferences must be postponed or canceled, ADISA still delivers valuable experiences for our members, as we did in spring 2020 with our webinar series.

  • Advocacy

As the voice of the alternative investments industry, ADISA engages in an active presence in Washington, advocating on behalf of our members and industry throughout every branch of the federal government. The association establishes relationships, builds coalitions, and tirelessly seeks to educate our governmental leaders and authorities. We have partnered with the Federation of Exchange Accommodators and other organizations to request clarification of important regulations, and we have urged lawmakers to take action when the interests of our members are at stake.

Who We Are

As ADISA grows, our members have access to more people and more expertise. Professionals who find value in ADISA include:


Broker-dealers bear a heavy burden as the gatekeepers of the investment industry. ADISA helps you improve due diligence, stay abreast of compliance issues, and learn about timely regulatory events. We closely monitor alternative investment product trends and alert our members about important news. Your membership allows you to connect with other broker-dealers through open forums to learn, share, and expand industry knowledge that benefits your financial advisors and their clients.

Registered Representatives/Financial Advisors

ADISA connects you directly to industry leaders and experts in the alternative investments arena, providing invaluable insight and educational opportunities that may help you better advise your clients and grow your business.


Take advantage of the unique opportunity to build relationships with broker-dealers, RIAs, and financial advisors. Get direct and immediate feedback on products, compliance issues, and educational needs facing advisors and their clients today. Through conferences, webinars, and networking events, sponsors can learn from top producers and experts on specific issues facing our industry.


Our affiliates come from many essential sectors such as law firms, accountancies, due diligence firms, lending agencies, consultancies, and more. Independent wholesalers, sponsor-affiliated and managing broker-dealers, mortgage brokers, real estate professionals, and others have found that ADISA membership provides the best opportunities for connecting with a broad range of industry service providers.

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