Keynote Speaker Ross Bernstein
Tuesday, March 24
8:30 am

“The Champion’s Code”
Life-lessons of ethics & accountability from the sports world to the business world
Bernstein’s signature program, “The Champion’s Code,” is based on more than six years of research that resulted in two critically-acclaimed series of sports-business books. The first examines how and why certain teams win world championships, while the other chronicles the unwritten and unspoken rules in the world of sports, or “codes” as they are known, which explores the fine line between cheating and gamesmanship – and the consequences involved when that line is crossed.
Bernstein has interviewed more than 1,000 professional athletes and coaches, and along the way he saw some fascinating patterns, metrics and trends develop among certain individuals who possessed a very unique DNA. For these unique individuals, or “champions,” it wasn’t always about winning, it was about following their moral compass in order to play the game the right way – with respect and integrity – in order to achieve success. In his presentation, Bernstein will identify upwards of 100 unique characteristics and traits that are common among champions, which he then will tie into poignant life lessons and inspirational stories that relate back to ADISA’s membership and mission.
Learn more about Bernstein at rossbernstein.com

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Clay Archey, TriCor Financial
Fred Baerenz, AOG Wealth Management
Brent Barton, Emerson Equity
Karen Bean, NFP Securities
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John Bishop, Silver Portal Capital
Dean Borgh, W.P. Carey
Kevin Bradburn, Orchard Securities
Gurpreet Chandhoke, VII Peaks Capital
James Chang, Independent Financial Group
Frank Chauner, Chauner Securities
Rebecca Cleary, NorthStar Realty
Sanford Coggins, VisionWise Capital
Carmine Cozelino, SQN Capital Management
Jack Creighton, SourceNet
Chip Cunningham, Kaplan Voekler Cunningham & Frank
Terrence Davis, Baker, Donelson, Bearman, Caldwell & Berkowitz, PC
Jason DeBono, NuView IRA
Drew Dornbusch, NorthStar Realty
Michael Dunn, Seyfarth Shaw
Alisha Edmunds, Ascendant Capital
Damon Elder, Spotlight Marketing Communications
Brett Evans, Evans & Kob
Craig Faggen, Triton Pacific Investment Corporation
Geoff Flahardy, ExchangeRight Real Estate
Michael Freedman, GWG Life
Jonathan French, Crown Capital Securities
Andy Friedman, Buttonwood Investment Services
Rick Friedrichs, Financial Media Group
Deborah Froling, Arent Fox
Mike Frost, GPB Capital
Jacob Frydman, United Realty
Michael Fugler, EuroFinancial
Kevin Gannon, Robert A. Stanger & Co.
James Goedtke, American Portfolios
John Grady, RCS Capital Corporation
Neil Greene, Newbridge Securities
Amy Gunter, Proequities
Barbara Halper, FactRight
Wolf Hanschen, Resource Royalty
John Harrison, ADISA
Alyson Harter, LeClair Ryan
Cameron Hellewell, Orchard Securities
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Howard Hirsch, Griffin Capital Corporation
Joshua Hoffman, Bluerock Capital Markets
Robert Hoffman, Franklin Square Capital Partners
Robert Honigman, Arent Fox
Kevin Hull, Robert A. Stanger & Co.
Matt Iak, U.S. Energy Development Corporation
Lee Iredell, RCS Capital Corporation
John Isakson, Preferred Apartment Communities
Sameer Jain, RCS Capital Corporation
Alistair Johnson, FINRA
Ken Johnson, Florida Atlantic University
Robert Jones, Emerson Equity
Robert Kaplan, Kaplan Voekler Cunningham & Frank
Jason Kavanaugh, Concorde Investment Services
Mike Kell, AI Insight
Susan Kelly, Commonwealth Financial Network
Nati Kiferbaum, Inland Capital
Rajeev Kotyan, Innovative Advisory Group
Steph LaFlamme, CNL Securities
Dave Laga, DFPG Investments
Matt Leiter, GK Development
Rosemarie Leong, Sandlapper Securities
Norman Leslie, Lodging Opportunity Fund
Kimberlee Levy, Concorde Investment Services
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Corey Maple, Lodging Opportunity Fund
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Rick Murphy, Berthel Fisher
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Joe Price, FINRA
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Fred Stoleru, Atlas Growth Partners
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