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ADISA Board of Directors Election is Open

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The 2022 ADISA Board of Directors election is now open and will close on Tuesday, November 23, at midnight PT. The election is managed on a neutral third party’s secured website. To ensure the widest and fairest range of voters, no single organization is regularly entitled to more than three votes. Thus, if you are in a large company, your company may be well represented even though you personally may not receive an individual ballot unless you are one of the three voting members we have listed on file.

If you have any questions regarding the Board of Directors election or who your voting members are, please contact ADISA's Director of Marketing Jennifer Fitzgerald.

The candidates on the 2022 ADISA Board of Directors slate are:

Catherine Bowman, The Bowman Law Firm
John Cox, Cox Capital Partners
Mathew Dellorso, WealthForge
John Grady, ABR Dynamic Funds
Kirk Montgomery, Alliance160
Jeff Shafer, CommonGood Capital
Katie Shook, Clir Capital
Michelle Thomas, Community National Bank
Brad Updike, Mick | Law
Thomas Voekler, Kaplan Voekler Cunningham & Frank

Duvan Brock, Dempsey Lord Smith
Kyle Kadish, Advisory Group Equity Services
Karlton Kleis, Arete Wealth
Matt Mayer, Berthel Fisher & Company Financial Services
Craig Merkt, Calton & Associates
Ann Moore, International Assets Advisory

Mark Kosanke, Concorde Investment Services
David Pittman, Strategic Blueprint

Carly Hoeler, Ashford Securities
Matthew Iak, U.S. Energy Development Corporation
Jade Miller, Bourne Financial Group
Jessica Neill, Parsonex Capital Partners
Cole Gilliam Parks, Southwestern Asset Management
Katie Peterson, Cantor Fitzgerald
Crystal Rutkowski, Urban Catalyst
Dallas Whitaker, Carter Funds