"I wanted to take a minute to congratulate you for the success of the Miami ADISA Due Diligence Conference. It was even better than the spring event in New Orleans.  As a new fund, we really benefitted from participating and making lots of new contacts. We are looking forward to sponsoring and participating in the fall annual conference and plan to bring our booth and at least three of our people." Mindi McClure, Freedom Capital Investment Management
"The ADISA Conference was a tremendous opportunity for sponsors to network with over 90+ broker-dealer attendees so for me it was time well spent. Additionally, there were many valuable breakout sessions to choose from." -Steadfast Companies
"ADISA was definitely a worthwhile conference. It included the right mix of strong broker-dealers, reputable product sponsors and relevant session topics." - Strategic Storage Trust Inc.
"ADISA's Conference was a great opportunity to both network with other broker-dealer due diligence personnel and to learn more about the various sponsor firms in attendance. The conference was a great use of my time." -Matt Fries, Questar Capital
"I was excited to see so much diversity in the sessions and how many offered a point/counter point perspective to the different investment and industry options currently available to us. It felt more like education instead of a commercial. It was a great conference." - Craig M. Porter-Rollins, LJCooper
"The interaction with industry leaders and my peers was a rewarding experience." - Timothy Swoboda, Securities America
"This was the first ADISA Conference I attended since the change from TICA. From a broker-dealer due diligence perspective, I thought there were significant changes for the better with this conference, most notably more focus on some of the controversial issues/topics rather than all marketing oriented. I loved the breakout session with the representative from Green Street." - Brian Sward, National Planning Holdings
"This was a very well run conference and afforded me the opportunity to meet with and learn from several players in the alternative investment space. Everyone was very approachable and willing to share their knowledge. It was a great conference and I plan on attending next year!" - Klaus Siepmann, Workman Securities Corporation
"It was great to experience a renewed focus on "best practices" at the ADISA Conference." - James Goedtke, American Portfolios Financial Services Inc. 
"We were pleased to attend and found it most informative and important to our industry. We now plan to attend each ADISA meeting going forward." - Jerry Boucher, Paladin Realty Securities
"As a first-time attendee and platinum sponsor, we came away from the Conference excited about the future of our company as we build business relationships with the ADISA members and expand our company into the broker-dealer market. Despite the state of the current market, there was an overall tone of optimism among ADISA members. The educational and networking opportuntiies were impressive!" - Martine Slater, Sage Harbor IRA Investments Inc.
"Commercial Workout Services was thrilled with the positive feedback they received from the ADISA tradeshow. Not only did we have an opportunity to work with and learn from other network professionals, but we were able to demonstrate our services, develop new clients and increase awareness of our commercial workout solutions. The REISA Conference provided a platform for us to reach and engage with a large number of key senior level decision makers that we otherwise would not have been able to meet with. We are very happy with our results." - Michael E Farrar, Commercial Workout Services
"As a sponsor of non-traded REITs, I have been impressed with both the width and the depth of the ADISA Conference presentations and educational breakout sessions. The program was well conceived and covered virtually every current issue in our industry. The specific expertise of each presenter and panel member was extraordinary, showing that ADISA knew exactly whom to ask to best cover each particular subject." - Parker Hudson, Wells Real Estate