*Agenda as of 3/26/19; subject to change

Monday, April 1

12:00-1:50 pm

Rio Vista

Featuring Special Guest Karen S. Morris, Senior Vice President, General Counsel, USAA's Property & Casualty Group

As P&C General Counsel, Ms. Morris serves as the chief lawyer for P&C, and is responsible for providing legal, regulatory and governance counsel to the P&C President, the P&C leadership team and the USAA P&C subsidiary boards. She also leads the P&C Counsel team, which is responsible for providing solution-oriented counsel on all matters affecting USAA’s P&C business, from product conception through delivery and fulfillment. Prior to joining USAA in September 2010, Ms. Morris spent 21 years with Allstate Insurance Company, where she held a wide variety of positions in Law, Marketing, Corporate Relations and Strategy. Most recently, Ms. Morris was Assistant Vice President, Corporate Relations. In that position, she led a team of professionals accountable for driving the company’s reputation, corporate advocacy and CEO executive positioning strategies. Prior to joining Allstate, Ms. Morris was in private practice in Chicago. She received a B.A. magna cum laude from St. Mary’s University in Winona, Minnesota and a J.D. from the University of Illinois College of Law. Ms. Morris is a member of the Executive Board of Directors of the National Association of Women Lawyers, currently serving as Vice President.  She has been an active member of NAWL since 2008, serving as vice chair of the General Counsel Institute in 2010, Chair in 2012, and Sponsorship Chair in 2013. She received NAWL’s “Virginia S. Mueller Outstanding Member” Award in 2012.  Ms. Morris is also a member of the University of Texas Center for Women in the Law General Counsel working group.

2:00-3:00 pm

Salon A/B

We shall discuss challenges of regulatory disclosures, operational due diligence and compliance, and whether custodians and/or technology can assist with all of these, including how marketing is evolving within the RIA space.

Moderator: Rajeev Kotyan, Innovative Wealth Advisors
Presenters: Michelle Moses, Me Financial; Clint Edgington, Beacon Hill Investment Advisory

Salon C/D

Learn from the industry's top advisors on how to create and grow your center of influence base to generate more business. This panel will give specific examples of how panelists have been able to gain the trust of attorneys, CPAs, real estate brokers, bankers, and their own clients to increase the numbers of referrals from them. This is a don't-miss opportunity to hear invaluable advice from a group of our industry's top producers.

Moderator: Mike O'Toole, Lewis Financial Group
Presenters: Christina Nielson, CorCapa 1031; Scott Sheehan, 1031 Investment Services; Joseph Michaletz, Discipline Advisors

Salon J/K

This series of short presentations will identify detailed aspects of alternative investments. We will examine typical varieties of offering structures and the corresponding related potential benefits and risks associated with investments in alts. Examples of topics covered will be the investment process of sales, suitability and required disclosures. Panelists will identify how certain rules and regulations apply to the various types of offerings and why due diligence is an absolute critical part of the process to identify potential risks. Alternative investments cover a wide variety of industry sectors including, but not limited to, real estate, energy, equipment and commercial debt. Because they have a low correlation to traditional asset classes, they provide excellent diversification to a portfolio heavy in stocks when positioned correctly. Generally speaking, alts are traditionally illiquid and difficult to value; thus, considered a riskier proposition, but they absolutely have their place in an investment portfolio. This session will also address the legal, tax and regulatory issues.

Facilitator: Mark Petersen, MBD Solutions
Presenters: Merriah Harkins, GWG Holdings; John Bishop, Silver Portal Capital; Sherri Cooke, AI Insight

Salon L/M

This dual presentation will provide you with everything you ever wanted to know about how experienced third-party professionals evaluate non-traded energy investment programs from a risk vs. return perspective, and how you can effectively leverage their analysis and guidance to appropriately screen, evaluate and weigh the alternatives within the non-traded energy sector. This session features two timed lectures from highly experienced due diligence professionals, followed by a fireside chat in which due diligence officers from two firms will share their thoughts on how third-party resources can be used to effectively manage the risks of non-traded energy-related investments. This session is tailored for those who currently review non0traded energy alternatives plus those who would like to know more about how to effectively vet and understand such investments.

Participants: Kurt Tesh, Kalos Financial; Jean Merriman, The Strategic Financial Alliance

3:10-4:15 pm

Salon A/B

This series of short presentations will identify advanced principles of alternatives available today in the BD/RIA community. The presenters will provide an outline of the key fundamental elements that should be considered and evaluated when reviewing and prior to working with alternative investments. Industry experts share their best ideas for what really works when it comes to implementing alts into one's practice. Collectively, industry participants, including issuers, sponsors, broker-dealers, registered representatives, investment advisors, attorneys, and third-party analysts who can particpate and play key roles by providing essential input on how to conduct proper due diligence and evaulate investment offerings due to the unique nuances in each program. Because they have a low correlation to traditional asset classes, alts can provide excellent diversification to a portfolio heavy in stocks when positioned correctly.

Presenters: Bill Winn, Starboard Realty Advisors; Ben Aitkenhead, Pacific Oak; Brian Conneely, Participant Capital; Christopher Swann, Cygnus Capital; Larry Goff, Triloma

Salon C/D

Join us for a look at how broker-dealers adn RIAs are incorporating alternative investment strategies into their advisory platforms. With increased liquidity and more streamlined trading processes, alternatives investments are a viable option to create portfolio optimization in an advisory account. Expert panelists will discuss how alternative investments are keeping pace with the indepedent broker-dealers and RIAs as they transform from traditional transaction-based business to a holistic advice business.

Moderator: Linda Cobelo, Preferred Capital Securities
Presenters: Andrew Barnum, Cetera Financial Group; Vali Nasr, Claraphi Advisory Network; Craig Covington, Discipline Advisors

Salon J/K

What do some of the top firms in the industry look for in evaluating new 1031 offerings for their platform, and what are some of the often overlooked points that need to be addressed in underwriting these programs?

Moderator: Lee Iredell, Four Spring Capital Trust
Participants: Matt Mayer, Berthel Fisher; Tim Witt, Concorde Investment Services; Dave Laga, DFPG Investments

4:30-5:00 pm

5:00-6:00 pm

Salon H/I

Around the sectors with quick updates: 1031, Energy, REITs/BDCs/Interval Funds, Private Placements, and ADISA Research

Representatives from DST Systems, Mountain Dell Consulting, U.S. Energy Development Corporation, AI Insight

6:00-7:00 pm

Tuesday, April 2

8:00-9:00 am

9:00-9:50 am

Salon H/I

What's new from all angles -- national and states

Moderator: Larry Sullivan, Passco Companies
Presenters: Joseph Borg, Alabama State Securities, NASAA Past President; Frank Borger-Gilligan, Tennessee Securities Division, NASAA President-Elect; Thomas Rosenfield, HillStaffer

9:50-10:10 am

10:10-11:00 am

Salon A/B

This session is designed as a lecture presentation, where the presenters will provide a detailed understanding of private equity based research and analysis of the private equity landscape.

Facilitator: Brian Buehler, Triton Pacific Securities
Presenter: Grant Mathey, Mick | Law

Salon C/D

Presentation of the latest developments and trends in technology which affect our space: wealth management platforms, portals, AI, machine learning, quantum computing, automated financial advice, blockchain and other new features. We explain how these developments will likely change financial services.

Presenter: Nick Doyle, SS&C Technologies

Salon J/K

ADISA's interpid newsman, John Grady, goes in exploration of the newest ideas and entrants to our space. Blazing new trails, our newsman searched out original sources for newest investment products and "inventions". Tune in now for the latest investment strategies from some of our newest sponsors or products -- don't wait for the movie!

Investigator: John Grady, DLA Piper
Participants: Matthew Bastian, CUSIP Global Services; Joan Dromey, Computershare; Vince Molinari, Templum Markets; Diane Abruzzini, VENTURE.Co

11:10 am-12:00 pm

Salon A/B

Join us for a discussion on how non-traded REIT programs are evolving and changing in 2019. We will discuss new share class options, sponsor supported loads, revised program structures and examine how the traditional life cycle REITs are performing.

Moderator: Michelle Moore, SmartStop Asset Management
Participants: Steve Williams, Cantor Fitzgerald; Colin Cosgrove, Inland Real Estate Investment Corporation; Erik Primosch, CIM Group

Salon C/D

Hear from a select group of broker-dealers and sponsors on how they use private placement offerings to provide a critical component of an effectively balanced investment portfolio while also serving an essential capital formation function for the industries they serve and the economy.

Moderator: Russell Putnam, FactRight
Participants: Brent Barton, MBD Solutions; David Becker, Time Equities; Bill Shopoff, Shopoff Realty Investments; Dave Laga, DFPG Investments

Salon L/M

See our industry's leading third-party due diligence analysts square off and debate the tough questions, including: what makes a good due diligence report, how should broker-dealers best utilize third-party due diligence reports, where there are potential stress fractures in certain products, how to identify those products that have the highest likelihood for success and those that could produce the most arbitrations in the future, and how to approach diligence for the groundswell of new products, including Opportunity Zone offerings.

Moderator: Rhys James, Kaplan Voekler Cunningham & Frank
Debaters: Kevin Eades, Snyder Kearney; Catherine Bowman, The Bowman Law Firm; Bryan Mick, Mick | Law; Paula Miterko, Miterko & Associates

12:00-1:45 pm

1:45-2:35 pm

Salon H/I

ADISA Past Presidents interviewed by Real Assets Adviser

Facilitator: Jennifer Dohrmann-Alpert, Real Assets Adviser
ADISA Past Presidents: Keith Lampi (2018), Inland Private Capital Corporation; John Grady (2017), DLA Piper; Mike Bendix (2016), DFPG Investments

2:45-3:35 pm

Salon A/B

One of the hottest things right now is Opportunity Zones. What are they and do they solve the same issues for investors as 1031 exchanges or are they different? Are Opportunity Zones appropriate for retail investors? Come hear a lively discussion of the pluses and minuses of each and how to determine what's best for any particular situation.

Moderator: Deborah Froling, Kutak Rock
Participants: Dan Cullen, Baker McKenzie; Keith Lampi, Inland Private Capital Corporation; Darryl Steinhause, DLA Piper; Tim Witt, Concorde Investment Services

Salon C/D

Presentation session on how cyber threats to asset managers and broker-dealers are rapidly evolving and can be devastating if the right safeguards aren't in place. See how to take proactive measures to help thwart attacks, and adopt practices to quickly detect and respond to breaches. Attend this session to learn new ways to strengthen your overall cyber security program.

Presenter: Derek Bridges, DST Systems

Salon L/M

Non-listed preferred stock was first introduced to independent broker-dealers in 2013 by a single sponsor. Many IBDs and now RIAs have embraced the structure, and it has been adopted and adapted by many other sponsors. Join us to discuss the various features and benefits of non-listed preferred stock offerings that should be considered while performing due diligence, including FFO coverage, cumulative dividends, DTC trading and real estate asset diversification. Our panelists will also cover how non-listed preferred stock complements a client's portfolio.

Presenters: Craig Merkt, Calton & Associates; Greg Mausz, Preferred Capital Securities; Christopher Lockwood, The CIM Group; Todd Van Pelt, Cambridge Investment Research

3:35-4:00 pm

4:00-4:50 pm

Salon A/B

As the interval fund space continues to grow, this structure is being used by a broader range of sponsors to bring a variety of investment strategies to investors -- but does it make sense for all of them? This discussion will explore the different uses for the interval fund structure and weigh the potential benefits and risks to investors. In addition, the panel will examine the operational, regulatory and other structural advantages and challenges of these funds.

Presenter: Kevin Eades, Snyder Kearney
Participants: Andrew Barnum, Cetera Financial Group; Rob Hoffman, FS Investments; Adam Lotterman, Bluerock Real Estate

Salon C/D

There's a lot going on in the regulatory world of alternative investments, especially in the areas of conservations easements, oil and gas, energy and other non-traditional assets. Come hear from a panel of experts regarding what's in store for these types of investments in the coming year from a state and federal perspective.

Moderator: Deborah Froling, Kutak Rock
Participants: Randy Bampfield, Bampfield & Associates; Brad Updike, Mick | Law

Salon L/M

Qualified Opportunity Funds are in the marketplace, and we will discuss the current strategies being utilized, the manner in which the funds are ensuring compliance with the requirements pursuant to the code, and challenges/opportunities that future guidance may entail. In addition, we will discuss what due diligence officers and financial advisors are looking for in these funds and the positives and negatives of what they have seen so far.

Moderator: Kevin Shields, Griffin Capital Company
Participants: Dan Cullen, Baker McKenzie; Matthew Mills, SixtyWest; Catherine Bowman, The Bowman Law Firm; Craig Bernstein, OPZ Bernstein

5:00-6:00 pm

Salon H/I

What are investors thinking? How to deal with investors' and broker-dealers' concerns.

Presenters: Darryl Steinhause, DLA Piper; Mike Bendix, DFPG Investments; Adriana Olsen, Passco Companies; Steven Meier, Seyfarth Shaw

6:15-7:30 pm

Wednesday, April 3

7:30-9:00 am

9:00-10:00 am

Salon H/I

Behavioral Finance and Sales: "Reach Your Client's Mind"

Recent psychological research has uncovered powerful yet easy to use techniques that will help you become more effective at communicating with clients and prospects. These studies, based on years of university research suggest that the ability to develop and maintain trust is the most important skill sales you can have.  It is the prime reason why a select few achieve peak performance and high production in spite of economic conditions and poor markets. Yet trust is not just an abstract concept. 
New research conducted at the University of California at San Diego has shown that trust is worth 17% of the gross price of your product or service. This means you can increase your fees by 15% and you won't lose business. It also means without trust, your clients will leave you for the first discount they find. Unless you have a monopoly, your ability to generate client trust is the most profitable skill you will possess. You will learn specific techniques you can learn to gain anyone’s trust at any time. This step by step presentation will give you skills necessary to communicate with clients the way they want to buy instead of how you want to sell.
The benefits you'll receive from this program:

  1. University of Connecticut research on why your clients hire and stay with you.
  2. How to gain endless referrals using social media
  3. Advanced Probing Techniques that will yield your client’s key concerns and goals. 
  4. How to get clients to remember 300% more in ½ the time.
  5. How to sell without selling using the 5 Step Bridge probing technique.
This presentation is a step beyond standard client communication skills. It will give you ideas to use immediately and for the rest of your career.
About the Presenter
Kerry Johnson, MBA, Ph.D. is an international speaker and best selling author of 9 books including, Sales Magic, Mastering the Game, and Peak Performance: How to Increase Your Business By 80% in 8 weeks, and his newest book, New Mindset, New Results. You can view his web page at or contact

10:10-11:10 am

Salon A/B

Broker-Dealers and RIAs only discuss latest issues. Guests will include NASAA representatives.

Facilitator: Mike Bendix, DFPG Investments
Speakers: Joseph Borg, Alabama State Securities, NASAA Past President; Frank Borger-Gilligan, NASAA President-Elect

Salon C/D

Facilitator: Brian Buehler, Triton Pacific Securities
Speaker: Greg Mausz, Preferred Capital Securities

11:15 am-12:00 pm

Salon C/D

We hear a lot about issues with reporting alts, clients' dismay in not seeing the investments in their accounts or seeing incorrect pricing, and other issues. How can we overcome and accurately report on alts?

Facilitator: Vali Nasr, Claraphi Advisory Network
Speakers: Mark Avers, Equity Advisor; JP Parker, VIA Folio; Eddie Sempek, Orion Advisor Services

Salon A/B

CPC Leadership: John Grady, DLA Piper; John Harrison, ADISA; Peter Magnuson, Ladenburg Thalmann; Brian Buehler, Triton Pacific Securities; Michelle Moore, SmartStop Asset Management