Education Tracks

REIT Track
(12) REIT Hot Topic
(15) Preferred Stock Offering
(20) What Was Old is New Again: The Real Estate Private Placement Boom
(28) Essential Pieces of the Puzzle for Small Offering Success

Energy Track
(16) Third Party Oil & Gas Due Diligence Opinions
(19) Energy 2018: Tax Changes

DPP Track
(4) Fundamentals of DPP
(10) Best Practices of DPP

1031 Track
(1) Deconstructing Master Leases
(11) Underwriting 1031 Real Estate Opportunities
(13) Delaware Statutory Trust Financing Structures
(21) Deferring Taxes: 1031 Exchanges vs. Installment Sales

RIA/Broker-Dealer Track
(8) Practice Management for IARs
(14a) Practice Management for Registered Reps
(26) Broker-Dealer Advisory Council

Technology & Security Track
(6) The Next Frontier: Using Technology to Improve the Asset Manager or Broker-Dealer/Shareholder Experience
(18) Cyber Attack: Proactively Planning for an Organizational Breach

New & Innovative Track
(9) Late-Breaking New Product Investigation
(24) Safe Block Chain and Cryptocurrency

Miscellaneous Alternatives
(2) The Next Act for BDCs: A Discussion of Current Issues Facing BDCs & How Sponsors Can Capitalize in a Changed Environment
(3) Making the World a Better Place! Conservation and Investment Can Co-Exist
(5) The Ease of Buying Alternative Investments in "Street Name"
(7) Tax and Taxes
(14) Interval Funds: What Are They Good For?
(17) Reg A+
(22) Debt Offerings
(23) Examing the Current Private Equity Landscape and Predicting the Future
(25) Battle of the Due Diligence Stars
(27) Marketing for New Sponsors