Keynote Speaker Dr. Kelly Shue

"Recent Behavioral Finance Research and What It Means for Investment Advice"

Dr. Shue is a Professor of Finance at the Yale School of Management. She earned a Ph.D. and M.A. in Economics and an A.B. in Applied Mathematics (summa cum laude) from Harvard University. Prior to her doctoral studies, she worked as an analyst at Weiss Asset Management.
Shue’s academic interests lie at the intersection between behavioral economics and empirical corporate finance. Her research has explored executive social networks, incentives and executive compensation, the gambler’s fallacy, M&A, corporate social responsibility, loan screening, and errors in voting. Her research has been awarded the AQR Insight Award, the Wharton School-WRDS Award for Best Empirical Finance Paper, and the UBS Global Asset Management Award for Research in Investments. Her current research examines persuasive news distortion by firms, contrast effects in market reactions to earnings announcements, and the Peter Principle in promotion tournaments.