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  • Designed for all industry professionals who sponsor, analyze, market, distribute or sell alternative investments
  • Several educational sessions will be offered, many of which qualify for Continuing Education credit
  • Attendees will also have the opportunity to meet face-to-face with leading industry professionals and visit with event exhibitors, who will showcase their offerings or services

Hotel & Travel

Hotel & Travel

All ADISA 2022 Spring Conference events will take place at:

The Rosen Shingle Creek
9939 Universal Blvd.
Orlando, Florida 32819

Sponsors & Affiliates: ADISA's group rate deadline has passed. Contact The Rosen directly for room availability (866-996-6338).

BEWARE of hotel reservation scams: There are several hotel reservation “pirates” who somehow get prior year meeting attendance lists and then approach past attendees to reserve their hotel rooms and in so doing either steal credit card information or broker a non-refundable reservation with extra junk fees. Please note that ADISA does not call or send out emails to individuals to solicit hotel reservations. You should use only the link provided in our reservation system to book your room. Please contact us with any questions.


Education Tracks

Education Tracks

  • Broker-Dealer
    Karlton Kleis, Arete Wealth Management
  • RIA
    Rajeev Kotyan, Innovative Advisory Group
  • Ethics & Inclusion
    Matthew Iak, U.S. Energy Development Corporation
  • Emerging Products
    John Grady, ABR Dynamic Funds
  • Legal Sessions
    Thomas Voekler, Kaplan Voekler Cunningham & Frank
  • ESG & Impact Investing
    Jeff Shafer, CommonGood Capital


  • Marketing & Technology
    Angela Hwang, Urban Catalyst
  • Operations & Technology
    Mike Huisman, UMB Bank
  • Public Programs
    Linda Cobelo, Preferred Capital Securities
  • Private Programs
    Laurie Levassar, Cantor Fitzgerald
    Stacey Stemen, Passco Companies




*Draft; as of 3/22/2022

  • Monday, April 4
    12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
    Women's & Next Generation Reception & Luncheon

    Featuring Cari Coats, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Accendo Leadership Advisory Group
    Business advisor, leadership strategist, executive coach and speaker

    "Developing Your Leadership Brand"
    Join Cari Coats for an interactive workshop. Attendees will discuss the "why" of a leadership brand:
    - Benefits of the right one; consequences of the wrong one
    - Leadership brand is contextual to your role, company, culture, etc.
    - Leadership brand can evolve give the context

    The group will walk through "Six Simple Steps to Establish Your Leadership Brand" in real time, with participants completing some steps and beginning to define their own leadership brand.

    1:45 PM - 2:50 PM
    (1) Fundamentals of Alternative Investments

    This session brings a noted cast of industry veterans to identify aspects of alternative investments and pass on their knowledge. We will examine typical varieties of offering structures and the corresponding potential benefits and risks associated with investments in alts. Examples of topics covered will be the investment process of sales, suitability and required disclosures. Panelists will identify how certain rules and regulations apply to the various types of offerings and why due diligence is an absolute critical part of the process to identify potential risks. Alternative investments cover a wide variety of industry sectors including but not limited to real estate, energy, equipment and commercial debt. This session will also address some of the legal, tax and regulatory issues surrounding alt offerings with some of the best minds in the industry!

    Session Coordinator: Greg Mausz, Preferred Capital Securities

    Moderator: Greg Mausz, Preferred Capital Securities
    Participants: Mike Fitzpatrick, Baker Tilly; Bill Leitner, Leitbox Storage Partners; Jeff Slotterback, Whitehawk Energy

    (2) Which Tax-Advantaged Strategy is Right for Your Client?

    In this panel, industry experts will discuss the respective benefits of 1031 exchange, qualified opportunity zone and oil & gas strategies, the various types of clients and tax situations that would make one strategy more or less appropriate for a particular client versus the others and the ways that financial advisors can use them as part of their client's broader financial plan. The panel will further discuss the pros and cons that investors should be on the lookout for when assessing a specific offering.

    Session Coordinator: Scott Street, Griffin Capital Company

    Facilitator: Bryan Mick, Mick Law
    Presenters: Scott Street, Griffin Capital Company; Matthew Iak, U.S. Energy Development Corporation; Aaron Wessner, Cantor Fitzgerald

    (3) The Digital Transformation of Alternative Investments: Are You Ready?

    How can the alternative investment industry utilize existing and emerging technologies? Learn from leading fund managers and platform providers to see how advisors can increase business opportunities by adapting digital marketing tactics.

    In this session, we will cover:

    - What software solutions are currently available in the market?
    - How can these technology tools help this industry and advisors' businesses?
    - How do you see technology playing a pivotal role for the industry now and in the future?
    - What does this "digital transformation" look like for the alternative investment industry?

    Session Coordinator: Angela Hwang, Urban Catalyst

    Moderator: Jimmy Atkinson, OpportunityDB
    Participants: Morgan Mackles, Urban Catalyst; Mat Dellorso, WealthForge; Brad West, Alternative Investment Exchange (AIX)

    3:00 PM - 4:00 PM
    (4) Recruiting and Championing the Next Generation

    Focusing on future workforce is vital and will shape what financial advice and products look like in the future. Hear how these experts are addressing the challenges of hiring, retaining next generation workforce, and what that looks like in today's environment.

    Session Coordinator: Jade Miller, Bourne Financial Group
    Moderator: Robin Edgar, Concorde Investment Services
    Participants: John Moriarity, E3 Wealth; Larry Goff, S2K Financial; Jeff Bangerter, Bangerter Financial

    (5) Energy Transition: Not a Zero Sum Game

    The energy transition is underway and yet often reduced to simple sound bites. Much has been said about reaching a goal of decarbonization, but little is known about the pathway. Forecasting this new energy frontier requires a solid understanding of policy, innovation, cost and resilience. Come hear from experts investing in energy infrastructure discuss the real issues and how the transition will create opportunities in power, transportation, industry and agriculture.

    Session Coordinator: Elizabeth Burdette, SignatureFD

    Interviewer: Jeff Shafer, CommonGood Capital
    Speakers: Christopher Abbate, Riverstone; Michael Underhill, Capital Innovations

    (6) Custodian Expectations by RIAs for Alternative Assets

    Learn from custodians and RIAs about the expectations that an RIA should have from custodians who provide alternative assets custody and how they may be different from the clearing houses that an RIA is used to.

    Session Coordinator: Rajeev Kotyan, Innovative Advisory Group

    Moderator: Rajeev Kotyan, Innovative Advisory Group
    Participants: Jason DeBono, NuView Trust; Brian Sells, CNB Custody

    4:30 PM - 5:00 PM
    Conference Kick-Off
    5:00 PM - 6:00 PM
    General Session I: Industry Update
    Presenters: Kevin Gannon, Robert A. Stanger & Co.; Taylor Garrett, Mountain Dell Consulting; Mike Kell, iCapital
    6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
    Opening Cocktail Reception & Exhibition
  • Tuesday, April 5
    8:00 AM - 9:00 AM
    Breakfast, Exhibition & Committee Meetings

    Sponsored by:


    9:00 AM - 9:50 AM
    General Session II: Legislative & Regulatory Updates

    Latest news that applies to alts from the legislative & regulatory side.

    Session Coordinator: Catherine Bowman, The Bowman Law Firm

    Moderator: John Grady, ABR Dynamic Funds
    Panelists: Joseph Borg, Alabama Securities Commission; Joe Price, FINRA; TBA, SEC

    9:55 AM - 10:45 AM
    General Session III: New Economics of Social Change

    Impact investing author and RIA Morgan Simon challenges and inspires through the power of capital.

    Session Coordinator: Jeff Shafer, CommonGood Capital

    Speaker: Morgan Simon

    10:50 AM - 11:40 AM
    (7) Preferred Stock: The True Liquid Alternative

    Records of preferred stock issuance dates back to the late 1800s, but it wasn't until 2012 that a single product sponsor introduced the very first non-listed preferred stock to the independent broker-dealer space. Many of the benefits and features of the two versions of preferred stock are the same, regardless of whether it is being traded in the open market or traded via DTC, they both offer the benefit of liquidity. Join us to discuss the structure, benefits and best practices of non-listed preferred stock and why it is the true liquid alternative.

    Session Coordinator: Linda Cobelo, Preferred Capital Securities

    Moderator: Charles Reiling, CoastalOne
    Participants: Eric Graber, Preferred Capital Securities; Zach Adams, The Gladstone Companies; Ann Moore, International Assets Advisory

    (8) The Importance of Monitoring Performance: Warning Signs!

    Investment monitoring is more crucial today than ever, with assets and sponsors being impacted differently by Covid, supply chain issues, cap rate compression, economic issues and uncertainties both globally and at home. What should be on your base list of monitoring information? Why is this important? What are potential workarounds if certain data are not provided? How should monitoring of prior performance impact current investment decisions? Are getting periodic third-party due diligence reports and standardized updates from services using SEC data feeds enough? This interactive session will discuss minimum data points different firms use, what tools they find most helpful, and limitations some of the common sources of historic information have in uncovering unique features and risks.

    Session Coordinator: Paula Miterko, Miterko & Associates

    Moderator: Paula Miterko, Miterko & Associates
    Participant: Todd Doorenbos, Arete Wealth Management; Josh Hill, Mewbourne Oil Company; Dustin Zachmeyer, Bluerock

    (9) The Evolution of the DST Market with the Proliferation of 721s

    Join our expert lineup of panelists to learn how the DST market continues to evolve with the proliferation of the 721 UPREIT Option. Gain a better understanding of IRC Section 721 and how the "two-step" transaction using a DST makes this a powerful part of the tax code available to high net worth investors.

    Session Coordinator: Laurie Levassar, Cantor Fitzgerald

    Moderator: Jacob Heidkamp, FactRight
    Participants: Aaron Wessner, Cantor Fitzgerald; Tim Witt, DAI Securities; Brian Sanborn, NexPoint

    11:50 AM - 12:40 PM
    (10) Inside a FINRA Arbitration (Live)

    This is an opportunity to get a front row view of FINRA arbitrations with dissatisfied clients as claimants and a broker-dealer as a respondent. A cast of attorneys, expert witnesses, E&O insurance representatives and your peers will present a mock arbitration, complete with brief intermissions for commentary and questions.

    Session Coordinator: Deborah Froling, Kutak Rock

    Cast: Deborah Froling, Kutak Rock; Joe Borg, Alabama Securities Commission; Kevin Gannon, Robert A. Stanger & Co.; Myra Nicholson, International Assets Advisory; Rick Murphy, Berthel Fisher & Co.

    (11) The Question of Leadership & Culture of Finance in Today's Environment

    Gain insight into how executives and leaders are handling the uncertainty and change. From hiring and holding accountable in today's new work-from-home landscape, to managing companies and investments in today's market and how to effectively execute, despite the changes.

    Session Coordinator: Jade Miller, Bourne Financial Group
    Moderator: Matthew Iak, U.S. Energy Development Corporation
    Participants: Lisa Robinson, Carter Funds; Sylvia Kwan, Ellevest

    (12) New Products in the Pipeline

    ADISA explores the newest entrants to our space. In investigative style, we unpacked some of the investment products as they vie for attention -- this session will feature aviation, cannabis and more. Be part of the critique as we find out more on how the new products stack up as investment opportunities.

    Session Coordinator: John Grady, ABR Dynamic Funds

    Investigator: John Grady, ABR Dynamic Funds
    Participants: Erik Hayden, Urban Catalyst plus representatives of new entrants

    12:40 PM - 2:00 PM
    Lunch, Exhibition & Committee Meetings

    Sponsored by:

    2:00 PM - 2:50 PM
    (13) Working with Clients Who Want Cryptocurrency Exposure

    This session will explore how investors can get access to potential returns offered by cryptocurrencies. We will discuss the products that investors can buy and how firms can best make crypto available. The panel will also discuss what is going on in the crypto space that may impact investors and advisers alike, including crypto ETFs, taxation issues, lending programs and "stablecoin."

    Session Coordinator: John Grady, ABR Dynamic Funds

    Participant: Rajeev Kotyan, Innovative Advisory Group; Keith Black, CAIA; Craig Merkt, Calton & Associates

    (14) The Latest in Advertising and Common Foot Faults

    There will be an update on the latest in marketing and advertising, while addressing some common foot faults and recent issues.

    Session Coordinator: Rhys James, KVCF

    Participants: Lori Kamen, Aurora Securities; Myra Nicholson, International Assets Advisory; Erik Hayden, Urban Catalyst

    (15) National Look at Multifamily and SFR Markets

    These experts hold the "lockbox" to all of your questions when it comes to multifamily and single family rentals. You will hear firsthand from these industry professionals who specialize in acquisitions, financing, market research and operations to learn why this asset class continues to be in such demand. Learning from our past, maneuvering the current landscape and preparing for the future. What can owners and investors expect over the next 18-24 months when it comes to cap rates, deal flow and markets to watch and why the SFR market is expected to double over the next 10 years.

    Session Coordinator: Stacy Stemen, Passco Companies

    Moderator: Bill Lehew, Hines
    Participants: Alan Clifton, Passco Companies; Greg Lozinak, Hamilton Point Investments; Brian Mitts, NexPoint

    3:00 PM - 3:50 PM
    (16) Alts Due Diligence and Portfolio Construction for RIAs

    Learn how alternative investments are to be included in portfolio construction for clients, and how to conduct due diligence for the alternative investments by RIAs, and what should be the approach.

    Session Coordinator: Craig Covington, DAI Securities

    Moderator: Craig Covington, DAI Securities
    Participant: Mike Kell, iCapital; Brian Daley, CAIS; Kenneth Pitman, Mercer

    (17) "Striking the Deal"

    The pandemic and its aftermath have dramatically impacted and accelerated other non-real estate investment strategies, including private equity, sustainable infrastructure, energy and private debt. Many companies took advantage of brief opportunities triggered by the disruption, while others focused more on innovation for the future. In this live panel discussion, our deal expert panelists will share:

    - Insights on how the deal market has been impacted during and in the pandemic aftermath;
    - How to build your network, find deals and maximize financial returns in 2022;
    - The next HOT markets and beyond

    Session Coordinator: Alex Anderson, Time Equities

    Moderator: Alex Anderson, Time Equities 
    Participants: Brian Buehler, Triton Pacific; Brad Updike, Mick Law; Todd Doorenbos, Arete Wealth Management; Michael Underhill, Capital Innovations

    (18) Interval Funds and the Retail Investor

    Interval funds offer the ability to invest in unique strategies to help meet portfolio goals. We will review the current situation with interval funds and several features you may not know about: low minimums in comparison to other private investments, offering timing parameters, tax reporting, and 40 Act Fund regulation. Learn the entire story of interval funds from storied experts in the field.

    Session Coordinator: Mike Underhill, Capital Innovations

    Participants: Dustin Zachmeyer, Bluerock; Chris Cannon, FirsTrust; Muhammad Gazi, Apollo Global Management

    3:50 PM - 4:20 PM
    Break & Exhibition
    4:20 PM - 5:10 PM
    (19) RIA Council

    RIAs are increasingly allocating to alternative investments. Learn how due diligence and portfolio construction are key factors to successful outcomes for clients. 

    Session Coordinator: Craig Covington, DAI Securities

    Moderator: Craig Covington, DAI Securities
    Participants: Mike Kell, iCapital; Sean O'Toole, 1776 Wealth; Jeff Shafer, CommonGood Capital

    (20) Sponsor Roundtable

    Sponsors discuss latest hot topics and concerns, as well as offer suggestions on future programming in a closed-door session for sponsors only. All sponsors are welcome to attend.

    Session Coordinator: Katie Shook, Clir Capital

    (21) Broker-Dealer Advisory Council

    Broker-dealer forum where various topics are discussed; this session’s focus will be a roundtable on the application and effects of Reg BI on the broker-dealer community. Join moderator Karlton Kleis, Arete Wealth Management, and special guests Joe Borg, Alabama Securities Commission, and Darryl Steinhause, DLA Piper. Open to IBDs only. 


    Session Coordinator: Karlton Kleis, Arete Wealth Management

    Moderator: Karlton Kleis, Arete Wealth Management
    Special Guests: Joe Borg, Alabama Securities Commission; Mimi LeGaye, MGL Consulting

    5:15 PM - 6:10 PM
    General Session IV: Likely Investment Fallout from Current Crisis in Eastern Europe

    Top expert in economics and war effects explores the financial outcomes.

    Session Coordinator: Katie Shook, Clir Capital

    Speaker: Dr. Benn Steil, Senior Fellow and Director of International Economics, Council on Foreign Relations

    6:15 PM - 7:15 PM
    Cocktail Reception & Exhibition

    Sponsored by:

  • Wednesday, April 6
    7:30 AM - 9:00 AM
    Breakfast, Exhibition & Committee Meetings
    9:00 AM - 10:00 AM
    General Session V: Latest Research: Real Estate and the Internet

    The nation's foremost real estate researcher shows effects of online buyers on investment property.

    Session Coordinator: John Harrison, ADISA

    Speaker: Dr. Michael Seiler, College of William & Mary

    10:10 AM - 11:00 AM
    (22) Current Insurance Environment for RIAs and Broker-Dealers

    Explore the latest developments in both E&O (Errors & Omissions) and D&O (Directors & Officers) insurance, covering a comprehensive slate of topics: new exclusions; gaps in coverage like cybersecurity; fraudulent fund transfers; and the Schwab insurance mandate of last fall; plus other late developments.

    Session Coordinator: Karlton Kleis, Arete Wealth Management

    Participants: Lilian Morvay, Independent Broker Dealer Consortium; Dee Cordea, Interweb Insurance

    (23) Multi-Alternative Assets Managers: Many Unique Strategies for the Demanding Advisor and Investor

    How can advisors, asset managers, administrators and distribution back offices work together to support the growing scale of these products. Hear how standardization, digital initiatives, Bots, and improved transparency will change how these products are sold.

    Session Coordinator: Mike Huisman, UMB Bank

    Moderator: Mike Huisman, UMB Bank
    Participants: Chris Shaw, SS&C Technologies; Brad West, Alternative Investment Exchange (AIX)

    11:10 AM - 12:00 PM
    (24) Finding and Underwriting Quality in a Hot DST Market

    Learn how our panel of DST acquisitions and firm due diligence experts are finding value and delivering accretive returns to investors in a hot market with rising interest rates. Understand how sponsors have adjusted their acquisitions criteria to account for rising interest rates and anticipate for real estate market changes over the next decade. Gain insight into how broker-dealer and RIA due diligence teams have enhanced their review processes to ensure an ample supply of product while adhering to compliance and firm rules and regulations.

    Session Coordinator: Heidi Wheatley, KNPRE 1031

    Moderator: David Sengstock, Mick Law
    Participants: Dallas Whitaker, Carter Funds; Kyle Prokup, Inland Private Capital Corporation; Amy Gunter, Concorde Investment Services

    (25) Best Practices for Alternatives (Alts 201)

    Join us for this insightful session from three seasoned real estate sponsor CEOs about their best practices regarding alternative investments. The presenters will provide an outline of the key fundamental elements that should be considered and evaluated when reviewing, and prior to working with, alternative investments. The industry experts share their best ideas on creating offerings, deploying capital and creating full cycle returns for investors.

    Session Coordinator: Greg Mausz, Preferred Capital Securities

    Moderator: Greg Mausz, Preferred Capital Securities
    Participant: Brian Nelson, Versity Investments; James Brunger, Capital Square 1031; Bill Winn, Starboard Realty Advisors

Committee Meetings

On-Site Committee Meetings

  • Membership Committee
    Tuesday Breakfast - 8:00-8:30 am
  • ESG & Impact Investing Committee
    Tuesday Breakfast - 8:30-9:00 am
  • Legislative & Regulatory Committee
    Tuesday Lunch - 12:40-1:15 pm
  • Marketing & Communications Committee
    Tuesday Lunch - 12:40-1:15 pm
  • Diversity & Next Generation Committee
    Tuesday Lunch - 1:20-1:55 pm
  • Education & Publications
    Tuesday Lunch - 1:20-1:55 pm
  • Conference Planning Committee
    Wednesday Breakfast - 8:00-8:30 am
  • Standards & Betterment Committee
    Wednesday Breakfast - 8:30-9:00 am

Attending Companies

Attending Companies

As of 3/30/2022

*Denotes Exhibiting Company



Aligned Strategies and Partnerships

*Alternative Investment Exchange (AIX)

*Baker Tilly

*Bowman Law Firm LLC

Buttonwood Due Diligence


California Southern University

*Clir Capital

*CNB Custody

Coastal Capital Markets

Cobalt Capital Inc

CommonGood Capital


*DLA Piper


Exemplar Capital

Factright, LLC

Forum Partners

Gladstone Companies

*Great Lake Fund Solutions

Guardian RIA

iCapital Network

Independent Broker Dealer Consortium

InterWeb Insurance

IPA - Institute for Portfolio Alternatives

*JTC Americas

*Kaplan Voekler Cunningham & Frank PLC

Kutak Rock LLP


LEX Markets

Lonsdale Investment Technology

Metric Financial

MGL Consulting

Mick Law PC, LLO

Miterko & Associates, LLC

Moran Reeves Conn PC

Morris Manning & Martin

NuView Trust


*Orchard Securities - MBD

Peak Capital Solutions
*Phoenix American Financial Services

*Preferred Capital Securities

QS Private Lending Fund I, LLC.

Riverstone Holdings

Robert A. Stanger & Co., Inc.


*Securities Transfer Corporation

Sequence Financial Specialists

Skyway Capital Markets, LLC

Specialty Land Investors

SS&C Technologies

Stablewood Properties

Strategic Capital Fund Management

*The Bowman Law Firm LLC

TM Solutions

UMB Bank, Institutional Banking

University of Tampa

VENTURE.co Holdings

Volante Specialty Risk (VSR)


*Whiteford Taylor & Preston






1776 Wealth LLC

3122 Consulting

AAG Capital, Inc.

Accretive Wealth Management

Acorn Financial

Advisor Group

Advisory Group Equity Services, Ltd.

Aegis Capital Corp.

Ahrens Investment Partners, LLC

Alexander Capital

American Portfolios Financial Services, Inc.

Andalusian Wealth Management

AOG Wealth Management

Arete Wealth Management

Arkadios Capital


Aurora Securities

Ausdal Financial Partners

Avantax Wealth Management

BANDER Investments

Benchmark Investments

Brookstone Capital Management

Cabin Securities

Cabot Lodge Securities

Calton & Associates Inc

Cambridge Investment Research

Cape Securities Inc

Chauner Securities

Claraphi Advisory Network

Coastal Equities, Inc.

Concorde Asset Management, LLC

Concorde Investment Services LLC

Cooper Family Office



Crescent Securities Group Inc

CUBED Systems

Da Vinci Global Consulting, LLC

DAI Securities, Inc

Dempsey Lord Smith, LLC

Doceo Wealth

Dominion Capital

Dyche Wealth Management


Emerson Equity LLC

Equifinancial LLC

Eureka Wealth Solutions

Financial Fitness Wealth Management


Fortitude Investment Group

Foundations Investment Advisors LLC

FourStar Wealth Advisors, LLC

Great Point Capital


Hickory Capital

Highlander Wealth Services, LLC

Huntwicke Securities

IDB Capital Corp.

IFP Securities

IHT Wealth Management LLC

Infinity Financial Services

Innovative Advisory Group, LLC

International Assets Advisory, LLC

Intervest International

IRL Financial


Kalos Capital, Inc.

Kalos Financial, Inc

Kingsley Family Office

Kingswood U.S.

Kuhn Wealth Management Inc

Landolt Securities

Left Brain Wealth Management

Legacy Wealth Management

Lionchase North America

MAB Investments

McDermott Investment Services

Metric Financial

MHL Investments

MIT Associates, LLC

Moloney Securities Asset Management LLC

Money Concepts Capital Corp.

Moregain Capital Group

MSF Capital Advisors LLC


Ni Advisors

Nobles & Richards

Northsight Wealth Management

Nova Capital Solutions, LLC

Parker Wealth Management

Parkland Securities

Patrick Capital Markets

Pegg Capital

Pinnacle Capital Group

Pinnacle Capital Securities

Pinnacle Financial Wealth Management

Purshe Kaplan Sterling Investments

Quiver Financial

RCM Investments

RCX Capital

Redemption Capital

Reshape Wealth

Retirement Solutions

Rudwall Wealth Management

Safe Harbor Asset Management

Schulz Wealth

Season Investments

Sera Capital Management

Sigma Financial Corporation


Simons Financial Network

Strategic Blueprint, LLC

Sunbelt Securities, Inc.

SW Financial

Synergy Wealth Management

TCFG Wealth Management

Titan Securities

Universe, Inc.

Wealth Progression Group

Wealthforge Securities LLC


Western International Securities, Inc.


Whitehall-Parker Securities, Inc.

Wychick Investment Advisors Inc

Xanadu Capital, LLC




ABR Dynamic Funds

Angel Invest Group

*Apollo Wealth Management

APX Energy, LLC


Ashford Securities LLC

*BDP Holdings

*Bluerock Capital Markets

*Bluerock Real Estate

Boomerang Capital Partners

*Bourne Financial Group, LLC.

*Cantor Fitzgerald

*Capital Square 1031

*Carter Funds, LLC

Chicago Atlantic Advisers, LLC

CNL Securities Corp

*Core Pacific

*Croatan Investments

Eagle OZ

Eagle Point Credit Management

EcoVest Capital


Four Spring Capital

Four Spring TEN31Xchange

Gentry Mills Capital

GK Real Estate

*Great Oak Funding

*Green Rock

*Hamilton Point Investments LLC


*Hines Securities

*Inland Private Capital Corporation

*Inland Real Estate Investment Corporation

*John Henry Oil

*Juniper Square

*KNPRE 1031

*Legendary Capital

Legion Capital Corporation

Letibox Storage Portfolio Partners

*Manufactured Housing Properties

*MCI Megatel Capital Investment

MDS Energy Development, An MDS Family Office Company

*Mewbourne Oil Company

*Montego Minerals

*Moody National Companies

*NAI Legacy

Net Lease Capital Advisors


Pacific Oak

*Parsonex Capital Partners, LLC

*Passco Companies LLC

*Peachtree Hotel Group

Pure Property Solutions

*Preferred Capital Securities


*S.T.L. Resources, LLC

*Sandy Bay Partners

*Shopoff Realty Investments

*Southwestern Advisory Group

*Southwestern Asset Management

*Sovereign Partners

Spring Hills Holdings, LLC

*Starboard Realty Advisors LLC

Texakoma Resources

*The True Life Companies

*Time Equities

*Trilogy Real Estate Group

*Triton Pacific Securities

*U.S. Energy Development Corporation

Urban Catalyst

*Versity Investments

Walton International Group

Waveland Energy

Waypoint Real Estate Investments

*Webb Creek Management Group, LLC

Whitehawk Energy

Wildermuth Securities



ADISA Foundation Activity

ADISA Foundation Activity -- UP Orlando

Arriving early on Sunday morning? Join the ADISA Foundation in a service activity. For more information, send an email to ADISA Foundation President Brandon Balkman.

Sunday, April 3, 11 am- 2 pm

UP Orlando (United Against Poverty), a food bank, employment center/general assistance for the needy
150 W. Michigan Street
Orlando, FL 32806 (offsite from hotel, 20 minutes away)








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