NASAA Proposed Amendment to REIT Guidelines: Call to Action

Oct 13, 2016

ADISA has created a convenient website to contact your state securities administrator regarding NASAA’s proposed REIT concentration limits.  

As many of you are aware, the proposed amendment would impose a uniform ceiling on an investor’s exposure to non-traded REITs and affiliates with a “concentration limit” of ten percent of an investor’s “liquid net worth.” ADISA does not support the proposed amendment, and requested in September that NASAA either withdraw the amendment or re-work it to create a more flexible approach that better recognizes the investing community’s need for, and interest in, diversified investment portfolios. ADISA surveyed its membership to gauge its reaction to the proposed amendment. 

Please take a moment to tailor a message to your state securities administrator on the upcoming NASAA Concentration Limits issue. We have created an easily customizable letter for your use.

Click here to voice your opinion now.