ADISA Publishes "Guide to Like-Kind Exchanges"

Sep 19, 2017

ADISA has partnered with the financial publishers, Lightbulb Press, to publish an educational and informative “Guide to Like-Kind Exchanges.” The booklet, similar to ADISA’s popular Guide to Alternatives, presents easy-to-read information on Like-Kind Exchanges—how they work and their real value to the economy.  The Guide covers all aspects of like-kind exchanges, including their appeal, an LKE lifecycle, different industries associated with LKEs, the substantial positive impact on the United States economy, and much more.

Read the booklet here.

ADISA has published the booklet primarily to help Congress and others in the government understand LKEs (or 1031s) and their impact and value. ADISA has focused much of its advocacy efforts on preserving 1031 Like-Kind Exchanges in any possible tax reform strategy by continuing to educate congressional staffers and answer questions regarding how LKEs actually work. “Even though those in financial services know how the LKE stimulus aids with commercial real estate, many on the congressional staff level still need to know more,” said Catherine Bowman, chair of ADISA’s Legislative & Regulatory Committee. Later this month, ADISA will send a copy of the “Guide to Like-Kind Exchanges,” along with a personalized letter, to congressional staff involved with tax and budget issues.