ADISA Joins Coalition to Request the U.S. President Omit Proposal to Limit Real Property Like-Kind Exchange from Budgets

Dec 16, 2014

ADISA has joined a coalition of approximately 25 real estate associations and organizations to respectfully request that President Barack Obama omit last year’s proposal to limit real property like-kind exchanges from his fiscal year 2016 budget.

In addition to President Obama, the letter was also sent to Treasury officials – Mark Mazur, Assistant Secretary for Tax Policy, Lisa Zarlenga, Treasury Legislative Counsel, and Sarah Logan, business community liaison, U.S. Treasury; House and Senate Leadership tax staff; staff of the tax-writing committees (Senate Finance and House Ways and Means); most of the tax staff for individual members of the Senate Finance Committee and a few of the tax staff for individual members of the House Ways and Means Committee; tax analysts; and the editors for “Politico’s” morning tax wrap.

View the letter in its entirety.