Attending Companies

As of 10/1/18

1031 Financial
Accretive Wealth Management
Affinity Real Capital
AIG Advisor Group
Alan B Lancz & Associates
Alpha Investing
Alta Investment Group
Alternative Investment, Inc
American Portfolios Financial Services, Inc.
Ameritas Investment Corp
Ameritas Investment Corp.
Anchor Financial Group
Andorra Investment Management
Angel Rock Advisors
Anthem Wealth Management
AOG Wealth Management
Applied Capital, LLC
Archer Investment Advisors
Arete Wealth Management
Argos Family Office LLC
Arkadios Capital
Arque Capital Ltd.
Ashland Pacific
Atlanta Capital Group
Atomi Financial Group
Ausdal Financial Partners
BANDER Investments
Bank Fund Equities, Inc.
Belpointe Asset Management LLC.
Berthel Fisher & Company Financial Services Inc
Blue Summit Financial Group
Blue Summit Wealth Management
Breakwater Capital
Bren Ventures
Bridge Valley Financial Services
Business Transition Services, Inc
Cabin Securities
Cabot Lodge Securities, LLC
Calton & Associates Inc
Cambria Capital
Cambridge Investment Research Inc
Cantlon Financial Planning, LLC
Capital Financial Services, Inc.
Capital Management Analytics
CapStack Partners
Capstone Wealth Planning
Capulent LLC
Cardinal Capital
Cascade Financial Management Inc
Catalina Capital Group
Catalyst Wealth Management
Centaurus Financial, Inc.
Center Street Securities, Inc.
Certis Capital Management
Cetera Financial Group
Chalice Capital Partners, LLc
Claraphi Advisory Network, LLC
Clear Direction Investments
Clear Direction Investments LLC
Clear Stream Advisors
Coastal Equities, Inc.
Colorado Financial Service Corporation
Commonwealth Financial Network
Competitive Edge Wealth Management
Comprehensive Financial Solutions and Tax
Concorde Asset Management, LLC
Concorde Investment Services LLC
Corcapa 1031 Advisors
Cornerstone Exchange Services
Cornerstone Real Estate Investment Services
Cottonwood Residential
Courtlandt Financial Group, Inc.
Creative Wealth Advisors, LLC.
Crescent Securities Group Inc
cSquared Wealth
CUBED Systems
Cuso Financial Services
Da Vinci Global Consulting, LLC
David A. Noyes & Company
Dempsey Lord Smith, LLC
Derby and Derby
Desert Rose Capital Management, Inc.
DFPG Investments, Inc.
Discipline Advisors, Inc.
Dorado Peak Capital
Dunn Financial, Inc
Ebert Associates
Elmcore Securities LLC
Emerson Equity LLC
Equifinancial LLC
Fiduciary Wealth Management, LLC.
Financial Architects
Financial Architects, Inc.
Financial Designs, Ltd.
Financial, Insurance, & Tax (FIT) Planning Group
First Financial Equity Corp.
First Financial Equity Corporation
First Guardian Group
FISN/Landolt Securites
FISN/Landolt Securities
Folio Investments, Inc.
Fortitude Investment Group LLC
FourStar Wealth Advisors, LLC
Fox Wealth Advisors
Frontier Wealth Strategies
FSC Securities Corporation
Global Wealth Partners Inc
Gonzalez Family Office
Gotham Investors
Gradient Securities, LLC
H&S Wealth Management
Hartfield Financial & Insurance Services, Inc.
Heritage Capital Advisors Inc
Herr Capital Management, LLC
Hickory Capital, LLC
High Camp Consulting
Highlander Wealth Services, LLC
HN Financial Group
Horev & Associates
Independent Financial Group, LLC
Independent Financial Services Professional
Innovative Advisory Group, LLC
Insight Wealth Group
International Assets Advisory, LLC
Investment Advisor Associates Inc
Investment Capital Resources
Investment Security Corporation
IRA Wealth Management
IREXA Financial Services / Wealth Strategies
ISC Group
Joseph Stone Capital L.L.C.
JRL Capital Advisors
JRL Capital Corp
JRW Investments
Kalos Capital, Inc.
Kalos Financial, Inc
Karas Partners Inc.
Karen Templeton
KCD Financial
KF Financial Services
Kingsley Family Office
Knapp Financial Advisors
Kolinsky Wealth Management
Kuettel Capital
Kuhn Wealth Management
Ladenburg Thalmann & Co. INC.
Lamont Financial Services
Landolt Securities Inc
Latus Group, Ltd.
Lazari Capital Management Inc.
Legacy Wealth Management, LLC
Legend Capital Group
Life Strategies Advisors
LightPath Capital, Inc.
Lincoln Financial Securities Corporation
Lionchase Holdings
LJCooper Capital Management LLC
Lopez Wealth Management Group
Luxor Financial Group, Inc
M.A. Hill Brokers
Maroon Capital Group
Massey Financial Group
MB Investments
MBR Capital Management, Inc.
McRay Money Management, L.L.C.
Miller Buckfire & Co., LLC
Mirae Asset Wealth Management
Moloney Securities Co., Inc.
Money Concepts Capital Corp.
MStevens Wealth Advisors
Nardini Inc
National Securities Corporation
New Frontier Financial Advisory, LLC
Newbridge Securities Corporation
NPB Financial Group
Npb Financial Group, Llc
Oak Tree Securities, Inc.
Oakwood Advisory Group
Orchard Securities - CTT
Pariter Securities, LLC
Pariter Wealth Management Group
Park Ave Capital Management Intl.
Passed Pawn Advisors
Paul Delle Cese, CPA, RR
Pearson Capital Management
Personalized Retirement Solutions, Inc.
Platinum Wealth Group
Polley Financial
Preylock Holdings
Purshe Kaplan Sterling Investments
Quiver Financial
R.W. Bowlin Investment Solutions
RCM Investments
RCX Capital Group, LLC
RD Heritage Group
RealtyNet Advisors, Inc.
Redmount Capital Partners, LLC
Regal Securities, Inc.
RELiANCE Investing
Reshape Wealth
Retirement Solutions, Inc
Richfield Orion International
Robin Edgar Investments
Sanctuary Wealth Management LLC
Sandlapper Securities
SCF Securities Inc
Sequence Financial Specialists
Sigma Financial Corporation
Signator Investors, Inc.
Silber Bennett Financial, Inc.
Silverhawk Asset Management, LLC
Simons Financial Network
Solomon Financial Services
Sourcenet Investment Services LLC
South Coast Wealth Management
Stone Hatcher Financial
Stout Bowman
Strategic Advantage Financial
Strategic Advisors, Inc.
Summit Financial Group Inc
Synergy Wealth Management
Synergy Wealth Mgmt
T3 Trading Group, Llc
TAG Group, Inc
Tangent Capital Partners, LLC
Tate Asset Management
TCFG Wealth Managment
Teninbaum FO
The Enterprise Securities Company
The Fig Group, LLC
The Financial Team, Inc.
the Groop
The Sherer Group LLC
The Strategic Financial Alliance, Inc.
Thomas J. Wolf, CFP
Titan Securities
Trustmont Financial Group, Inc.
United Management Group
United Planners Financial Services of America
US Capital Global Investment Management
US Capital Investment Management LLC
USA Financial Securities Corp
Veripax Financial Management LLC
Vestech Securities
VESTECH Securities, Inc.
VIA Folio
Vista Properties and Investments
WE Alliance Wealth Advisors, Inc.
West Peak Investments
Western International Securities, Inc.
Westpark Capital, Inc.
Whitehall-parker Securities, Inc.
Widener & Asher Asset Management
Wilson Wealth Management, INC.
Xnergy Financial LLC
5G Partners
*AI Insight
Baker & McKenzie LLP
BB&T Capital Markets
Buttonwood Investment Services LLC
C5 Solutions
Community National Bank
CreditGuard, Inc.
*Discovery Data
*DLA Piper
Factright, LLC
Financial Services Institute Inc.
FINRA - Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, Inc.
*Great Lakes Fund Solutions, Inc.
Handler Thayer, LLP
iCapital Network
Impact Partnership, LLC
IPA - Investment Program Association
JCC Advisors, LLC
JM Tax Advocates
*Kaplan Voekler Cunningham & Frank PLC
Kinsale Trading LLC, Publisher of The 7:00’s Report
Kirton & McConkie
Kutak Rock LLP
MacDonald Realty Group
Mainstar Trust
*MBD Solutions
MD Global Partners, LLC
*Mick Law PC
Mick Law PC, LLO
*Mick Law PC, LLO
Miterko & Associates
Moran Reeves Conn PC
New Direction Trust Company
*NuView IRA
Opal Group
*Orchard Securities - MBD
Paliotta & Associates
Patrick Capital Markets, LLC
PENSCO Trust Company
*Phoenix American Financial Services, Inc.
*Ray Simmons Corp
*Real Assets Adviser
*Real Assets Adviser - Institutional Real Estate Inc.
Reif Law Group
Robert A. Stanger & Co., Inc.
S2K Financial
SC Distributors, LLC
*Securities Transfer Corporation
Seyfarth Shaw LLP
*Skyway Capital Markets, LLC
Snyder Kearney, LLC
Sorensen Entity Services
Spotlight Marketing Communications
*SS&C Technologies
Stroock & Stroock & Lavan LLP
Sullivan & Worcester LLP
*The Bowman Law Firm LLC
*The DI Wire
*UMB Bank, Institutional Banking
White Glove Workshops
Williams Mullen
1031 Xpress Inc
AEI Capital Corporation
AEI Fund Management
American Alternative Investments
APX Energy, LLC
*Archon Capital
*Ascendant Capital
B10 Capital
Black Creek Group
*Bluerock Capital Markets
*Bluerock Real Estate
*Bourne Financial Group, LLC.
*Broad Reach Retail Partners
*CAI Investments
*Capital Square 1031
Cardiff Development Partners
*Carter Multifamily
Casoro Capital
CNL Securities Corp.
Cole Capital
CommonGood Capital
CORE Capital Markets Group Inc
Core Pacific Advisors
Core Pacific Advisors, LLC
*Cottonwood Residential
CP Homes
Cunat, Inc
*Cygnus Capital
EB Arrow
EcoVest Capital
*EvrSource Capital
*ExchangeRight Real Estate
Florida Atlantic University
*Four Springs Capital Trust
*FS Investments
GK Development Inc
*GPB Capital
*Green Rock, LLC
*Griffin Capital Corporation
Guggenheim Partners
*GWG Holdings, Inc.
*Hamilton Point Investments LLC
Hamister Group, LLC
Hartman Income REIT
*HC Government Realty Trust, Inc.
Highlands REIT
Hines & Company
*Hines Securities
*Inland Private Capital Corporation
*Inland Real Estate Investment Corporation
iSelect Fund Management, LLC
John Henry Oil
KBS Capital Markets Group LLC
Land Investors, LLC
Legion Capital Corporation
Leitbox Portfolio Partners
*Livingston Street Capital
*Lodging Fund REIT III
Luxe Residential
MDS Energy
*Montego Minerals
*Moody National Companies
*Multi Financial Securities Corp.
*NB Private Capital
*Nelson Partners
Olympus Property
*Participant Capital
*Passco Companies LLC
*Peachtree Hotel Group
Phillips Edison & Company
Phoenix American Hospitality
*Preferred Apartment Communities Inc
PREP Property Group
*Resource Royalty, LLC
*RK Properties
*Sealy & Company
*Shopoff Realty Investments
*Sixty West, LLC
*SmartStop Asset Management, LLC
*Sound West Realty Capital
*Sovereign Partners
*Spring Hills Holdings, LLC
*Starboard Realty Advisors LLC
*The Empire Group LLC
The Entrust Group
The Gladstone Companies
The Kase Group
*Time Equities Inc
TJ Management, LLC
Tri-Land Properties, Inc.
*Triton Pacific Securities
Union Square Capital Partners, LLC
*US Energy Development Corporation
*Virtua Capital Management
*Waypoint Residential
*Webb Creek Management Group, LLC

* indicates exhibiting firms