Keynote Speaker Bob Rice

Tuesday, July 10
8:50-10:10 am
"Alternatives in Action Overview"

Bob is the country’s most recognized expert on mainstreaming alternatives. His provocative, high-energy presentations show why, in today’s environment, non-traditional investments are essential components of individual portfolios … and how the entire financial industry is changing to deliver them. His insights arise from 30 years’ experience as a lawyer, banker, and consultant for elite institutional investors, asset managers, and financial advisors.
Bob is the pioneer educator in our field: his foundational book The Alternative Answer became a Wall Street Journal bestseller, and his Bloomberg and Fox TV spots, “Bob’s Buzzword,” have explained the lexicon to millions of viewers.
He is a Director of Nasdaq Private Markets; a senior consultant to Wilshire Associates and Neuberger Berman; and serves on the board of the Value Line Funds’ investment advisor and the editorial committee of The Institute of Wealth and Investments.
Bob’s firm, Tangent Capital, advises private equity, hedge, and real asset managers and institutional investors. hosts Bob’s recent award-winning articles, presentations, events calendar, and a library of his TV Buzzwords.