Focus on Alternatives

An educational video series produced by 

ADISA is pleased to announce the launch of a new educational video series covering key terms and topics in the alternative and direct investment space. Our association has partnered with Real Assets Adviser in this new initiative, with the goal of providing viewers with valuable education of different product types and issues affecting alternative and direct investments.

ADISA and Real Assets Adviser are committed to broadening the educational tools available to the alternative and direct investments industry and the many professionals it reaches. 

The Alternative and Direct Investment Securities Association, Inc. (ADISA) has made these videos available to you as a current member of ADISA. The videos are provided to ADISA members solely for informational purposes.

The video presentations are the copyrighted content of ADISA and Real Assets magazine. You may access, review, and use this information, but may not republish it in any manner without the express written permission of ADISA.

Neither ADISA, nor any of its directors, officers, employees or agents, makes any representations or warranties,  express or implied, or assumes any legal responsibility for the information provided in the presentations. The contents of the presentations are not the views or opinions of ADISA and its staff.

By using the videos, you agree that you will not rely on the videos and any reliance on the videos is done so strictly at your own risk. ADISA is not liable for any damages of any nature incurred as a result of or in connection with the use of the information contained in the videos.

The information in the videos should also not be viewed as industry guidelines or standards.

These videos do not constitute legal or other professional advice. It is recommended that you seek legal or other professional advice to determine whether any advice, actions or practices contained in the videos are appropriate and legal in your jurisdiction.