1031 Preserved for the Benefit of Taxpayers in 2018 Tax Reform

ADISA is proud to have played a role in the preservation of the 1031 Like-Kind Exchange (LKE) in the recent tax reform. Elements of the LKE for real estate were wisely continued by Congress for the good of the US economy. ADISA contributed time, expertise, and financial support, along with our sister associations in the industry, to remind Congress that LKEs are not for the rich but for the benefit of many industries, especially real estate. Average investors, retirees with property, forest owners, farmers, and all those concerned with real estate can continue to inject capital into the economy immediately. Combined industry efforts to bring to light the benefits of LKEs were led by the Real Estate Roundtable, a skilled federation of associations, and also the FEA, the Federation of Exchange Accommodators. ADISA brought expertise to the table in reviewing and assisting with congressional visits, and more importantly key academic studies which provided evidence of the value of LKEs for the eyes of Congress. Additionally, ADISA authored an easy-to-read pamphlet on the value of LKEs ("The Guide to Like-Kind Exchanges") for Members of Congress and their staff.  We can truly say that the facts clearly presented won the day.

Please see https://www.adisa.org/advocacy#1031 for a summary of ADISA’s actions on this important issue. We welcome the comments of all our members, and we congratulate Congress on keeping our economy growing with Like-Kind Exchanges.