We advocate for you. ADISA proudly represents the non-traded alternative investment space in Washington. Whether in combination with other associations, as part of an issue coalition, or fighting on their own, ADISA's efforts constitute important advocacy for our industry. ADISA aims keeps you up-to-date on the latest issues and regulations affecting the industry, and members are the first to learn about which bills are being passed. 
Recent Legislative Actions
► Regulation Best Interest & Fiduciary Rule
► Tax reform & 1031 Like-Kind Exchanges
► Other Legislative & regulatory Actions
ADISA submits comment letter to Massachusetts Securities Division Regarding Proposed Fiduciary Regulations (December 2019)

ADISA submits comment letter and petition to New Jersey Bureau of Securities Regarding Proposed Fiduciary Duty of Broker-Dealers and Investment Advisers (June 2019)

ADISA calls on New Jersey constituents to take action on proposed Fiduciary Duty Rule (June 2019)

ADISA urges Nevada members to sign petition to amend Nevada Securities Division's proposed fiduciary regulation, signs joint coalition letter and submits own comment letter (March 2019)

ADISA continues efforts on New Jersey Fiduciary Rule (December 2018)

John Grady presents at New Jersey's Fiduciary Duty Information Conference (November 2018)

ADISA comments on SEC's Proposed Rule: Regulation Best Interest (August 2018)

ADISA submits comment letter to the Nevada Securities Office regarding the Nevada Fiduciary Rule (October 2017)

ADISA submits comment letter in support to DOL's proposal to extend Fiduciary Rule (September 2017)

ADISA responds to DOL's request for information on Fiduciary Rule (August 2017)

ADISA joins major financial organizations in co-signing a letter to the Nevada Securities Administrator regarding Ch. 322, Laws of 2017 (August 2017)

ADISA joins FSR in major industry study regarding the effects of the DOL Fiduciary Rule (July 2017)

ADISA submits comment letter to Nevada Securities Administrator regarding SB 383 (June 2017)

ADISA submits comments to DOL in support of Fiduciary Rule delay (March 2017)

ADISA requests Call to Action on DOL delay proposal (March 2017)

ADISA issues public comment on delayed implementation of DOL Rule (February 2017)

Update on the DOL Fiduciary Rule (January 2017)

ADISA co-signs letters of support to encourage Congress to pass S.J. Res 33 and H.J. Res 88 (May 2016)

ADISA successfully advocates alongside industry organizations to secure impactful changes to the final DOL Fiduciary Rule (April 2016)

ADISA partners with other financial organizations to continue fight for retirement choices for middle-income Americans (November 2015)

ADISA comments on DOL Fiduciary Rule hearings on Sept. 25, 2015 

ADISA testifies before DOL regarding proposed Fiduciary Rule (August 2015)

ADISA submits comment letter to DOL regarding proposed Fiduciary Rule (July 2015)

ADISA responded to the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s request for comment on Section 199A of the IRC (October 2018)

ADISA Comments on California Assembly Bill No. 2529 (April 2018)

ADISA publishes "Guide to Like-Kind Exchanges," places it into the hands of key Congressional staff (September/October 2017)

ADISA continues the fight to save 1031s with op-ed in The Hill (August 2017)

ADISA continues 1031 advocacy with study sponsorship (November 2016)

ADISA co-signs coalition letter to Clinton campaign regarding Section 1031 (September 2016)

ADISA leadership continues to support like-kind exchanges (June 2016)

ADISA Executive Director responds to New York Times 1031 article (May 2016)

ADISA actively advocates on Capitol Hill in regards to the importance of Section 1031 exchanges on behalf of members (July 2015)

ADISA co-signs letter to House Means & Ways committee to support the Real Estate Investment and JOBS Act of 2015 (April 2015)

Ernst & Young finds Section 1031 repeal would cost U.S. economy $8 billion annually (March 2015)

ADISA joins a coalition of approximately 25 real estate associations and organizations to respectfully request that President Barack Obama omit last year’s proposal to limit real property like-kind exchanges from his fiscal year 2016 budget (December 2014)

ADISA Board of Directors votes to assist in 1031 advocacy efforts (October 2014)

ADISA co-signs letter in support of the Invest in America Act (November 2018

ADISA comments on FINRA Notice 18-08 (April 2018)

ADISA submits comments to FINRA regarding RN 17-14 and 17-15 (July 2017)

ADISA co-signs real estate statements to U.S. House and Senate (June 2017)

ADISA continues to press issues in D.C. (May 2017)

ADISA submits comment letter to NASAA regarding proposed SOP on the use of electronic offering documents and electronic signatures (November 2016)

ADISA creates a "Call-to-Action" regarding the proposed amendment to the NASAA SOP regarding REITs (September 2016)

ADISA and IPA join to submit comment letter regarding SEC's review of definition of an accredited investor (September 2016)

ADISA places "The Guide to Alternative Investments" in the hands of Congress (August 2016)

ADISA submits comment letter to NASAA regarding the use of electronic offering documents and electronic signatures (June 2016)

ADISA co-signs coalition letter on FIRPTA reform (December 2015)

ADISA co-signs coalition letter to include FIRPTA in Highway Trust Fund (June 2015)

ADISA supports legislative bill to reform FIRPTA (February 2015)

ADISA supports relief from Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax (November 2014)