ADISA Committee Structure


In 2014, the the Alternative & Direct Investment Securities Association's Board of Directors approved a new committee structure for committees to have clearer expectations and deliverables. We anticipate that each committee will have two co-chairs and one or two vice chairs so that committee work can continue when there is a leadership change (every two years). Each standing committee also has a defined purpose based on the strategic initiatives of the Board.


Audit & Finance Committee
PURPOSE: Oversees the financial matters of the association, particularly the annual audit process and selection of an auditing firm.
Chair: ADISA Treasurer

Executive Committee
PURPOSE: Comprised of the President, President-Elect, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and Immediate Past President and works closely with the Association Executive Director to make decisions and ensure the Association is running properly.
Chair: ADISA President

Election/Nominations Committee
PURPOSE: Works in conjunction with ADISA Staff to promote elections, oversee the entire election process and welcome the new Board.
Chair: ADISA President-Elect

Awards Selection Committee
PURPOSE: Works in conjunction with ADISA Staff to determine the award recipients for the annual ADISA Awards: A Champion of Excellence Award (ACE), Distinguished Service Award (DSA) and the President’s Award.
Chair: ADISA President
Vice Chairs: ADISA President-Elect; ADISA Immediate Past President


Conference Planning Committee
PURPOSE: Oversees the program and planning for ADISA's Annual Conference, Due Diligence Forum and Spring Symposium. They work to develop a compelling theme, agenda, recruit and assign speakers and activities.

Publications & Standards Committee
PURPOSE: Responsible for ADISA publications, best practices, white papers, web knowledge center, etc.

Due Diligence & Compliance Subcommittee
Focus: Focused on due diligence practices in the industry.

Editorial Subcommittee
Focus: Responsible for magazine's content.

Task Forces will be appointed to oversee particular white paper or best practice topic.

Legislative & Regulatory Committee
PURPOSE: Responsible for ADISA's efforts to influence regulation and legislation, particularly statements, responses, alerts and advice on any legislative and regulatory programming.

Membership & Marketing Committee
PURPOSE: Responsible for recommending membership pricing/categories and advice and assistance with marketing planning. New ideas and projects not naturally belonging to another committee are also vetted here first.

Education Committee


Broker-Dealer Advisory Council (BDAC)
Grassroots group of ADISA Broker-Dealer members only with special discussion topics of relevant issues affecting the Broker-Dealer community.

Arbitration Advisory Council (AAC)
Group of ADISA members who meet to discuss various topics regarding arbitration.
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