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ADISA Publications

ADISA publishes a variety of resources to keep its members informed on the latest news in the industry. As the industry's educational resource, members have access to white papers, case studies, best practices, and in-depth newsletters and e-blast alerts. These publications and materials are a member-only benefit.

Alternative Investments Quarterly --

ADISA's Flagship Publication

ADISA produces a quarterly magazine, AI Quarterly, which is an exclusive benefit for members only. ADISA's magazine keeps members and industry professionals up-to-date on the latest trends, current regulatory changes and insights into improving your business. Each issue includes valuable articles, upcoming Association events and insightful information in the real estate securities industry.

The Guide to Alternative Investments

ADISA has recently partnered with Lightbulb Press to publish an informative overview on alternative investments. To request a sample, please contact the ADISA office at or 317.663.4180. If you wish to order additional copies, please contact Lightbulb Press directly at or 212.485.8822.

*The Guide to Alternative Investments is FINRA-approved. Read the letter here


ADISA produces regular e-blasts to members to alert them of ADISA news, industry news, legislative updates and more. These e-blasts keep members current in their profession and industry.

White Papers and Case Studies

ADISA addresses topics of urgency and relevancy to the real estate industry with white papers and case studies.

Best Practices

ADISA developed a Guide to Certain TIC Best Practices as recommended practices to better serve the needs of investors in tenant-in-common (TIC) and Delaware statutory trust (DST) programs. This guide addresses TIC interests sold by sponsors as securities through broker-dealers and registered representatives. The practices recommended were developed within the current framework of applicable securities regulations, as well as industry practices.